[161113 With the death of Gwen Ifill, Governor Haley was drafted as a replacement for Presidential Head of State. Unlike others to follow and subject to one-term limits, she can run again for the entry-level Presidential position on the U.S. presidential cursus honorum.]

[161123 Trump announced Haley as his UN ambassador. Now, Haley has two career change options. Of course, as the Presidential Head of State she would be involved in picking ambassadors rather than merely being picked. One can expect her necessary rejections of her being drafted by Timists to head the ticket. However, if on 161218 she is selected by the Electoral College it is a safe bet that she will do her duty for the country that gave her parents and her great opportunities.

If it is the case that she does not want to be the Presidential Head Of State then Elizabeth Warren will move up. She will have to decide when the pro-Dream Team tally exceeds 270. Failure to woman-up will mean her gene pool will be denied the benefits of Timism.]


Nikki Haley
Governor, South Carolina

Dear Governor Haley,

If Timism is successful in its homesteading effort to create a 50-state "None of the above, Write-in the Timist Slate," you will be the Timist VP for communications.

I hope, if you are queried about this proposal, that you will say either "No comment" or "I don't have enough knowledge of the proposal to comment." Even if you say you won't serve, it will not be taken as a final no. You will do the right thing. In the above positions you would be able to do more right than any of your current or potential positions. As for me, my motivation is the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate change upon which I first wrote in 1982.

Please note that this proposal is in conjunction with a similar one to Michael Bloomberg. I encourage you to assign associates to review the points raised in Mr. Bloomberg's letter. I am available to answer questions.

Our country needs us. I know you will do the right thing at the right time it the right time evolves. Trump and Clinton are both wrong for the future of America and humanity as well as, more importantly, life on planet earth.  

"Will of the people" must be rejected if it is tyranny of the majority, mass hysteria and/or mob rule. UK's Brexit is an example where the leaders should say, "We screwed up." Will of the people is a neo-Nuremberg defense. Will of the people encourages the evil when good people don't act.

The majority of Repubicans would readily vote for you rather than for Trump. And, I think Republicans and Democrats would readily rally around a unity ticket of Mr. Bloomberg and you. The two of you would run most of the government while I focused on weekly plebiscites with the final say in any matter requiring the head of government.


Bob "Plebiscite" Barnett

P.S. Ironically, you could become U.S. President without the chance to vote for yourself since your state does not allow write-in Presidential candidates. I could imagine your state legislature changing the state constitution so you could vote for yourself and South Carolina's electoral votes counting for you.