Gwen Ifill for First Presidential Head of State

Ms. Ifill is a professional journalist with some equals but no superiors. If you do not know her, shame on you. You can learn why you should support her at the Wikipedia entry.

While I think she is the best for this job, some might point out three seeming short-comings which I explain away.

When they formed a line to pass out beauty, Gwen Ifill was not in that line.
Ms. Ifill was nowhere to be found in the line for personality.
Nor was she in the line for brains.

Gwen Ifill was in the line for all three: Beauty, Personality and Brains.

Beauty is unnecessary but it sure helps to make the medicine go down.
Personality helps the patient follow the doctor's advice.
Brains come up with the cure.

Per the Presidential Reform of the proposed Timism Constitutional Amendment, the Presidential Head of State (HOS) performs duties akin the monarch of England. While not involved in the daily running of government (the perview of the HOG--Presidential Head of Government) the HOS has veto power over the actions of both the HOG and Congress. In addition, she can call the dismissal of the Congress by polling the U.S. military to rule on dismissing Congress. For this right of voting to dismiss, the military will observe a "George Marshall" separation of military from affairs of state--no voting or campaigning in political elections. As the existential meltdown accelerates, the call for military intervention in everyday politics will increase. Demagogues will call for it. Advance adjustment to the Constitution will reduce factional military dictatorship by giving the military the duty to defend American Democracy the ultimate vote of throwing the bums out when they debase America.

The drafted candidate for the Head of Government (traditionally the Vice-President), Michael Bloomberg, should not be construde as better than Ifill. Each of equal ability with each focusing on and excelling at the opporturnities that society made possible when they started their career. In other words, Ifill could have done in finance akin to Bloomberg were it not for sexism and racism. She could have been the Oprah of finance. As is, Bloomberg and she will bring a great team to governing America.

If you want a safer, saner, healthier world, Vote for Gwen Ifill. She is the only person with whom I would work in the White House.

Gwen Ifill, drafted for this duty, will forswear this duty. However, she will do her duty if elected to so do. America has been good to her, rewarding her motivation with opportunities not present elsewhere in the world: From those to whom much is given, much is expected.

Vote the Timist Write-In Slate--Vote Gwen Ifill for Our First Head of State.

November 13, 2016
In the morning, I was formulating a plea to Gwen Ifill that if she were to be unable to serve as Presidential Head of State that she at least allow herself to be selected by Electoral College so she could give an inaugural speech of her hopes for America and humanity before resigning for health reasons.

In the evening, when my wife came home from work, she asked me if I heard the news. Expecting some major political figure had been shot, I said, "No. What news?" When she told me I let out a string of expletives, cursing fate as tears gathered into dripping droplets. I was more shocked by this sad news than the election results.

Since the 1990s, I always wanted to blind-side her with my 3-line plus punchline "lines" humorous compliment. I used this compliment twice since then on a niece and another woman. Now, she cannot have that punchline epiphany of "this guy really likes me" nor my joy at seeing the epiphany. Dead is one of the two people I admire with little, minor qualification. In some areas of my soul, her death was the day the music died.

So that she will not be forgotten as has many great people, Timists--The Party of More Time--is dedicated to her. If it succeeds, she will be remembered as a role model for all Americans. Can there be a greater memorial to her?

I judge a person as a thinker relative to myself. If I believe I could have conceptualized their achievements while they could not have conceptualized my concepts then I consider myself a superior thinker. I don't judge by money or popularity. 

In my readings of historical and modern times, I have encountered only one person who could have done what I have done but I could not do what he did--Paul Robeson. My jury is out on Gwen Ifill as well as David Bowey and Lady Gaga. I could not do what I so admired in her while she might have been able to conceptualize Timism. I hung her picture next the "tallest tree in the forest" on my den wall dedicated to my "chocolate" heros/heroines.