Election Reforms: Summary and Index

This website and webservice provides an election reform system that is nearly zero-cost, zero-corruption. It is based on the spelling bee model. Instead of simple, random words, participants spellout better and better candidates for office. To prove it out as well as to develop an experienced web of supporters, it is being used to elect problem-solvers to fill different positions, most of which parallel existing public offices--see Global Democracy.

The system is fair, free, efficient and automatic. As noted elsewhere, people are paid for holding these offices in lifehour tax credits. The election hierarchy becomes the communication path by which people ask questions. The person who answers the questions gets paid for the time to resolve the question.


  1. The system is fair, efficient, inexpensive and automatic.
  2. Office Selection:
    • elect which other offices or issues in which you want to be part of selection process: Spelling Bees.
    • Based on completing the Deme information, you are automatically enrolled in the elections for President, Senator, Representative, Governor, and Registrar.
    • For participation in any of the below problem-solving offices, click on the office:
      • Ambassadorships
      • Federal Heads: Cabinets/Agencies
      • Supreme Court Justices
    • For other state elective offices as well as local elections, visit State Links.
  3. If you want to run for the office besides participate in the primary selection, enter a summary and your webpage in the qualifications summary box.
  4. If you don't vote in a primary, your candidacy is automatically withdrawn even if you have the highest votes in your group of seven. Thus, if you get an email ballot for a primary election, you can drop out by not voting in your group of seven. For actual elections of public, not timistic problem-solvers, voting will open to all registered voters regardless of their participation in the primary process--see voting reform.
  5. Each time a new cycle of democracy starts for the particular office, you will be randomly assigned to the basic group of seven. You receive lifehour credit for voting and a lifehour bonus if you are voted the winner of that group.
  6. Winners of each round
    • For Timistic Problem-Solvers, the winner and vice-winner will be selected from the final seven according to the Women 50/50 principle.
    • For Citizen Legislation, the results are forwarded to the current public office holder with the Timistic Problem-Solvers monitoring the response of the current office-holder.
    • For other on-line brain bees and depending on the the results are the final votes are forwarded in several ways.  (There are five basic types of voting.)
  7. Payments: For Timistic Problem-Solvers, their accounts are credited with appropriate payment in lifehours at the end of their service based on the daily rate. When the new problem-solver is emailed the election, the current problem-solvers will be credited.
  8. Lines of Communication: As the number of participants increase, the hierarchy created by the election by divisions of seven constitutes a line of communication to the current Timistic Problem-Solvers--lines of communication.

The goal is to implement this virtual zero-cost, zero-corruption election reform for all public offices as well as many private organizations.

Note election reform is different than voting reform. Elections or primaries are the front-side of democracy--who or what gets voted on. Voting is the backside of democracy. If the people only get to have backside democracy they will suffer more problems, for their problems or problem-solvers will not be on the ballot.

Other pages on elections and election reform.

  1. Lines of Communication
  2. Problem-Solvers
  3. Citizen Legislation
  4. On-Line Democracy
  5. Spelling Bees (On-line)
  6. Voting Reform

A special thanks to da beck for pointing out a problem that led to a simplification of initiating timistic problem-solvers.


  1. 020516: Regarding Bush's $33 million dinner and photo op of a President flying away from the WTC terror site: As long as politicians worry about the money of re-election they are not worried about the mundane reality of terrorism.

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