401ks: The Biggest Bank Robbery in History.

Wall Street has hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism to cause bankruptcies and unemployment, that is, decapitalize businesses and decapitate jobs. As a result, in one generation, the American Muddled-Class has lost 90% of its pensions and retirement savings. At the same time, the rich got richer. How did this happen?

In 1980, the average retiree had almost $300k in corporate-defined benefits. Today, the average retiree has about $100k in a roller coaster-401k, which is about $30,000 in 1980 buying power. During the same period, the top 1% of Americans went from owning 20% to over 50% of America's wealth. Is there a connection between the two? How did this happen?

In 1980, we watched and worried about our children and grandchildren with little concern about the clock-like monthly pension check. Now, we daily watch and worry about our stock portfolio with our offspring ignored or abused. How did this happen?

How? The biggest bank robbery in history: 401ks. And, it is legal! Using stock options and IPOs, Wall Stealers transfer the savings and pensions of the American Muddled-Class into the pockets of corporate insiders. When a corporation pays insiders with stock options, the recipient sells the stock into the market. In effect, the corporation has printed money since "stock opters" can readily exchange stock for money like your new credit card which you use for quick cash. You have to repay; corporations don't.

Counterfeiting currency is producing paper with little or no value. Stock options are a form of counterfeiting since the overall value per share dilutes as stock options are generated. If Joe Six-Pack prints counterfeit stocks for sale to the public, he goes to jail. But, if insiders first filter the counterfeits through insiders as stock options then it is legal rather than illegal thievery. In both cases, no money goes into workers' jobs or production. In both cases, insult to injury comes in the form of inflation as more money chases fewer goods and services.

Worse than individual stock options are IPOs--Initial Public Offering. IPOs gang-bang stock counterfeiting. For giving upfront pennies to start-ups, venture capitalists receive dollars in stock options. Mormoney Romney received hundreds of dollars in stock for pennies given to the Staples startup. On the IPO day, "investment" banks coordinate the sale of speculators' stock into pension funds. After the IPO day, the stock's market value drops as the insiders regularly bleed more stock into the market by sale or donation. Decapitalists are speculators: "Investors"--a stolen, hijacked term of capitalism.

If one is honest with one's words, Wall Street banks should be called "divestment" banks. Workers are divested of their savings, pensions and retirements. "Investment"--a term of capitalism hijacked by nefarious financiers.

For divestors of the Muddled-Class, 401ks are the gravy train. It is easier to raid pensions than organize a new US Steel or GM to compete in the global economy. A comparison of business school curriculums today and fifty years ago shows the classroom shift to easy money via IPOs. Business schools train economic thieves-for-hire. Poetic justice: MBA's raid the pensions upon which depend professors' retirements!

Monetary inflation is "more money chasing the same goods and services." Decapitalism inflation is more stock chasing and claiming the same corporation with an inevitable inflationary cheapening of the stock market price, aka, "share dilution." Based on the cradle-to-grave analysis of venture funding, the insiders should be called venture decapitalists. However, vulture capitalists will do.

As noted initially, Wall Street hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism. Clearly, stock options and IPOs are not used to increase capita (the number of people) at work. The worst IPO is the hypocrisy found in private equity and hedge funds buying and flipping corporations into pensions via IPOs: How can a long existing corporation be "initially" offered? Another hijacked term. Seagate Drives has been flipped four or five times. How is this possible? "Recapitalization"--Another victim of identity theft.

The legal crime of flipping corporations is an extreme of insider stock options. First, an analogy for clarity. If you buy a house or car, can you duplicate the title so as to sell it to five or ten individuals? Nope. You go to jail. If you buy a corporation and then "recapitalize" by increasing the authorized titles of ownership (stocks) by a factor of five or ten, you are proclaimed a master of the universe as you take millions from savings and pensions.

A sandpaper irritation is how the flippers will first close down the least profitable operations (but still profitable production with capita at work) so as to proclaim improved efficiency. This is like you selling a 4-wheeled car with 3-wheels as you proclaim reduced operation costs to the buyer. Or, it is like a wrestling coach who wants to increase his team's average arm strength and does so by whacking off the wrestlers' weaker arm.

By this writer's calculation (detailed partially below) over $50 trillion has been stolen by Wall Street decapitalists since 1980. The American Muddled-Class were promised better retirements by ownership of their pensions. Problem was that the only place to place the savings was to play markets rigged by insiders: "Here's your paycheck. Now, go play the slots, the lottery, or the stocks.

IPOs? Insiders Phooling Outsiders. In a similar mode of marrying descriptions to acronyms to reflect their true natures, MBA has two meanings: Master of Business Assassination and Master of Bankrupting America.

Prior to 401ks, insiders' compensation was tied to the worth and wealth of the corporation. With 401ks, the symbols became divorced from the substance of the corporations. Insiders became more concerned with the quarterly bottom-lines to inflate the short-term value of their stock options rather than the long-term value of the stock based on corporate performance. In effect, stock options beget "bastard" stock which, like their antecedents in human history, the father takes no claim to the well-being of these bastard offspring. Because they are divorced from the long-term health of the corporation with negative consequences, another name for stock options would be America's Death Certificates.

While decapitalists work less and retire earlier, American workers must work ten weeks longer to have the same standard of living as in 1980. If you rob a bank of a few thousand dollar, your vacation is incarceration. If a decapitalist steals millions, his vacation is island-hopping.

Decapitalism: Systematic and Systemic Rot of Our Infrastructures

  1. Capitalist or Decapitalist? If I give you stocks, bonds, money and land, some people would say I made you a capitalist. Depends like giving someone a gun. Does the gun make one a murderer or a protector? Depends on how it is used. Likewise with the symbols of capita. Do you capitalize or decapitalize. Create or destroy?
  2. Inflation: The ramifications of decapitalism hijacking the terms and tools of capitalism are immediate and far-reaching beyond no pensions and no retirement savings. The losses affect the newborn and the new graduate. One of the most immediate effects is inflation in basic essentials. Decapitalitsts have money that did not come from solving human problems through needed goods and services. With these dollars, they bid up the cost of basic needs in part because they pay basic workers to work on their expensive homes, cars, pets, etc.

    It is well known that Silicon Valley IPOs have driven up the cost of homes. The tech stock opters did not pay the inflated home price--the American Muddled-Class did by buying bastard stocks. As stock opters have invaded vacation spots, long-term residents have been forced out by inflated consumer prices and residential taxes.

    In a true, objective capitalistic economy, the symbols of wealth are tied to the creation of time-saving goods and services, not to legal thievery. When one gets more money from doing more, that is, capitalism per capita. When a bank robber or a Wall Stealer gets more wealth by taking or transfering, one is guilty of capitalism for a fewer few. With true capitalism, the growth of money matches the growth of goods and services rather than the inflationary impact of more money in the hands of those who produce the least. When productivity produces more products for less money, this is productive deflation.
  3. Petite Decapitalists: A yogurt manufacturer--Chobani--was portrayed on the news in 2016 as enriching employees by giving 10% of its stock to employees. Baloney. The muddlers who buy this stock will be enriching the employees. Some internet companies pay their employees in cash and stock. Twitter employees receive 40% of pay in stock which they usually, because of living necessities, sell immediately. This is another proof that stock options are private corporations printing public money. Twitter is not paying them. The Muddlers are. Without the public buying the employees' stock, Twitter would fritter away.
  4. Job Exportation: Does the stock opters' money go into American production? Most often, foreign competition is funded by American decapitalists. Henry Paulson (George W. Bush's secretary of the treasury and former CEO of Goldman Sachs) bragged about over 70 trips to China. Did he travel as a tourist or a job exporter? Money also goes into M&M's, that is, mansions and mistresses. What about  the priorities of #43's Secretary of Commerce who was born in China and is the second wife of the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell?

    Decapitalists invest their legal stealings abroad thus decreasing the size of the American job market. In 1990, 50% of college graduate would never work in their degreed field despite four years of study and debt. Today, it is worse. In 2014, 90% of college graduates depended on parents for some of or all of their living expenses. With decapitalism, the future will be no better for you, yours and theirs.
  5. Meritocracy?: Do stock options reward success? Sometimes. Most corporate pre-nuptials, however, guarantee a golden parachute no matter what. Among many recent exit rewards, Yahoo's failed CEO walked away with $56 million in July, 2016. Who pays? The Muddled-Class: $53 million of the $56 million is in stock. Regardless of success or failure, the Muddled-Class' pensions are flooded with counterfeit bastard stocks. Does a $50 trillion bank robbery sound unreasonable? Keep reading.
  6. Public Funding of Elections: Of the billions of dollars spent by Citizens United super-pacs, do you think the money comes out from under mattresses, from rusty tin cans or savings accounts? No. The American Muddled-Class bought the shares dumped onto the market, thus, we have public financing of elections. Consider the 2016 $20 million pledge by Facebook co-founder, Moskovitz, to defeat Donald Trump. Did he draw the $20mil from Facebook salary or from your 401k? Meg Whitman, formerly of eBay, cashed in $142 million of her stock to pay for a failed California gubernatorial campaign. Did she thank the members of the Muddled-Class? Trump's $53 million campaign loan? Cash or stocks? Hillary's top 20 donors sold stock to give her money. While the decapitalists won't thank the Muddlers, this writer will: Thanks for funding the corruption of politics and destruction of your future.
  7. Public Propaganda Machines: In the run-up to the 2016 elections, the kingpin of Super-Pacs, Sheldon Adelson, eliminated a burr in his side by buying Nevada's largest newspaper that had been a constant critic of him, the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Did he use operating profits or sell self-printed stocks into pensions and 401ks? Or, consider Jeff Bezos of Amazon: Did he purchased the Washington Post for $250,000,000 from his $80,000 annual salary? Has he been saving his whole salary for the last 3000 years? Or, did the Muddled-Class buy it for him? Buying favorable propaganda includes corporate largesse in funding public TV and radio. Previously without commercials,  PBS and NPR now won't bite the hand that feeds them. They won't do a segment on decapitalism. Whither journalistic integrity?
  8. Private Taxation: When a stock opter sells you a stock to use for his philantrophies, he has engaged in private taxation. The biggest 401k thief is the Bile Guts and Malignant Guts Foundation which keeps trying to buy a Nobel Peace Prize for Bile Guts. Whether employee, recipient or daughter, everyone who takes money from Bile Guts is guilty of robbing the Muddled-Class.

    Mark Zuckerberg was the middle-man in the $100 million donation by the Muddle-Class to Camden, NJ, schools--unsupervised money that was squandered. He gave his father 2 million bastard stocks, that is, the keys to over $60,000,000 pension dollars. Google founders proclaim their altruism in taking only $1 salaries ... while legally stealing billions from 401ks. Googlers giggle as they gaggle "do no evil." Me doth think they protest their goodness too much.

    By using bastard stocks for campaign contributions and for donations to politicians' foundations, decapitalist get a free ride to the Muddlers' banks for private taxation monies. Creation of a foundation funded by stocks is a tax dodge that doubles the decapitalists' benefits like buying a sports team (see below). Hillary Clinton's emails timelined State Department access and payments to Clinton Foundation which she claims was a coincidence. An irony is how the  foundations' stated goals would not be so problematic if the foundation founders had not stolen the Muddlers' pensions and futures. And, despite expensive ceremonies, how many tax-dodging foundations have made lasting creative contributions to humanity? How many MacArthur geniuses can you name despite decades of genius awards? Cancerous mental masturbation is not procreative life affirmation.

    One can see this private taxation from bastard stocks not only in foundations but in the corporate names for public venues. The major political parties held their 2016 conventions in the Quicken Loans Arena and Wells Fargo Center. Money from politically assisted tax avoidance buys ugly advertising that should remind Muddlers of corrupt politicians and corrupting insiders.

    Foundations are part of the overall problem, not the solution. In an over-crowded world destroying the environment, are foundations pro-litter or pro-choice? Feed the starving millions today so we have to feed the starving billions tomorrow.

    Who pays the taxes dodged by foundation founders and commercial advertising? Those who muddle through.
  9. Private Museums: When a major art auction announces a record price for a car or a painting, I quickly figure the number of pensions stolen. Decapitalists like to show off their art collections, citing auction cost. Let us use the $100,000 in the average 401k as a benchmark. Having paid $38,115,000 for a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, the owner can say he is driving around in 381 pensions. Or, the record $300,000,000 for Gauguin's "When will you marry?" is 3,000 pensions hanging on a wall. Would-be pensioners can answer "Never" when asked "When will you retire?" Decapitalism is financial fascism mimicking nazi fascism in stealing savings and art.
  10. Presidential Libraries: These Eygptian pyramids of American politics are dedicated to politicians who blind-eyed America's death in exchange for bastard stock. One need only look at Bill Clinton's last-minute presidential pardons in exchange for donations to his library to realize that a lot of American business is not being conducted in the Oval Office during the president's last year. NAFTA foreigners helped fund Clinton's library.

    In July, 2016, Obama announced selection of his half-billion dollar presidential library in Chicago. When did he find time to do America's business? Was his main business soliciting millions for his library from the TPP beneficiaries?
  11. Sports Team Magic Accounting:  Many sports teams have been bought by decapitalists using bastard stocks, e.g., MS Steve Ballmer's $2 billion purchase of a basketball team. Did he have $2 billion in savings from his $1 million annual salary at MaggotSoft? With Muddler money, MS Paul Allen, also of Redmond, Washington, has bought his sports team (Seattle Seahawks) and built two of the largest yatchs in the world with your money.

    Here is the magic accounting per the political friends of decapitalists:  For tax purposes, a decapitalist buyer can expense the purchase price of a sports team over 20 years, that is, take 5% as a tax credit! So, the Muddlers buy the cake twice for the decapitalists. Muddlers will twice pay $2 billion to Steve Ballmer. Does the earlier claim of $50 trillion stolen from the Muddle-Class since 1980 begin to add up?

    Free sports teams translate into owners having big money to inflate salaries of players. Habitual athletes become pied pipers encouraging young minds to play, play, play instead of learn, learn, learn. Muddler parents encouraging the play pathos over work ethic often end up wondering why Johnny cannot find and keep a job.
  12. Muddled-Class Math: The Muddled-Class did not and does not do the math.

    The Muddled-Class spends more time weekly on sports than on planning a retirement. On Sunday, many spend more time praying than reading the business or editorial page. The Muddled-Class should learn that play and pray with no politics makes Jack and Jill desperate, destitute and demised. Muddled-Class Math Matters.

  13. College Hyper-Inflation: Decapitalist compete to see who can donate the most to their alma mater. In 2016, two decapitalists donated $400,000,000 in stock to Standford and Harvard. Total college donations were $40 billion in 2015, mostly from decapitalists using bastard stocks. (Does $50 trillion stolen since 1980 sound increasingly plausible?)

    A Richmond, VA, state university of 30,000 students had to pass a $16,000,000 bond to build a new dorm.  A local private Baptist college of 4,000 students raised $160,000,000 from alumni, mostly in bastard stocks or $40,000 per student. Academic recipients of bastard stocks bid up the cost of professor which contributes to higher-ed hyper-inflation. It is no different than drug dealers buying Mercedes and paying your Chevy mechanic more which you must match if you want to buy the mechanic's time. This local university is not alone. Ave Maria University was funded totally by Domino Pizza stock.
  14. Bogus Advertising: Have you ever wondered how a start-up business can advertise almost everything for nothing, e.g., dental, auto, legal and identity-protection? The truth is that they are not selling the advertised goods and services but the insiders' stocks through a forth-coming IPO. As Muddlers see the name repeatedly, a percentage will buy some of the IPO stocks. Insiders walk away after the financial killing.

    Business schools teach that it is quicker and cheaper to use advertising to build up a company's image than build up its inventory. Market cap is more important than market share, that is, symbol over substance.
  15. History: The impetus and catalyst to employee ownership of their retirement has many antecedents. One was Wm. Simons, Nixon's Treasury Secretary. He put up about $300,000 in a partnership to buy the second largest gift card company (Gibson) in the 1970s. Eighteen months later, it was sold to a group of pensions which paid Simon some $60 million!

    Wall Stealers are smarter and dirtier than your average pension manager. The latter often go to work for the equity/hedge fund after buying bastard stocks (like politicians who go to work for companies for whom they passed favorable laws). Can you see the reality of $50 trillion stolen from the Muddled-Class?

    Consistently, Republicans have lived up to and pursued the Latin origin of their name, res pubes (rich adults). As Vice-President and President, George Herbert Walker Bush shepherded legislation for "employee ownership" of retirement funds. His son, #43, expanded the 401k range of workers' participation. Another son, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, ordered $335 million in Enron stock purchases for the Florida pension fund six weeks after Wall Street Journal articles exposed Enron's shell game of shifting financial assets among dummy corporations to generate false profit reports.

    A working capita voting for Rich Pubers is voting rich to live poor. The biggest bank robbery in history (401ks) is an intersection of a conspiracy of greed and of a confederacy of igknowamuses.
  16. Daisy-Chaining Decapitalists: After cashing in their bastard stocks, many decapitalists set-up venture firms to fund start-ups. Thus, they leverage their legal thievery by initiating a second, larger tier of decapitalism. Example case is Steve Case of AOL infamy who received $800 million from the AOL-TimeWarner. Workers lost billions when AOL-TimeWarner stock collapsed. With his bastard stock money, Case started the "Revolution" venture fund that has funded over 40 start-ups which he intends to IPO.

    A review of headline-grabbing Silicon Valley entrepreneurs shows that they take their ill-got gains not to start brick-and-mortar infrastructure but to click-and-plunder spiderwebs. Like blazing meteors, these media-hyped start-ups attract the muddled, holding them until the weight of igknowance collapses the shiney, silkened facade into worthless sticky messes. Does $50 trillion seem unreasonable?

    (As a capitalist, I find the public adulation of decapitalists galling, e.g., 60 minutes Nov 13, 2013--"The Giving Pledge." I can imagine the participants [Guts, Cases, etc.] offering the following advice to the poor and hungry, "Let them sell stock." When Mitt Romney found himself short of cash in his college days, he sold stock to meet the expenses of living in a suburban house. Listening to these people reminds me of Goering, Goebbels and Hitler discussing Die Grosse Luge which today is the biggest bank robbery in history being portrayed as a pathway from rags to riches. When everyone is your friend, you have no friends, Zuckabird notwithstanding. When everyone is going to be rich, most are going to be  poorer.)
  17. Insiders Know: Corporate decision-makers know. Long ago, one of the original decapitalists, said the following: "Of course, what we were really doing, in my view, and I've thought about this a lot, was taking earnings or value that should've gone to the shareholders and bringing it unto ourselves." (Jerome Kohlberg, KKR founder, Harvard MBA). Some other examples of insiders shuffling the deck to benefit themselves as 401k thieves are as follows:
    1. Michael Dell in taking Dell Computer private for a later IPO.
    2. Seagate Drives which has been flipped, bankrupted and IPO'd many times.
    3. Netflix tried to double its market cap by splitting the company.
    4. HP breakup by Meg Whitman is about playing with numbers so that the combined market cap is larger but production and employment is less. Where is the SEC?
    5. Google's breakup into an alphabet of subsidiaries is about padding insiders' pockets with hard to follow stock options in numerous companies.
    6. Bain Capital: Mormoney Romney's legal counterfeiter of money via stock "recapitalizaton" and 401ks.
  18. Hillary: When President Obama was running for the Oval Office in 2008, his chief economic advisor told a Canadian consul in Chicago not to worry about Barack's trade promises to the American people. (TTP is the opposite of his promises.) This revelation caused an uproar in the Canadian parliment which did not want to give the U.S. a license to meddle in Canadian politics. The consul was recalled. The economic advisor was not fired. This incident probably explains the secrecy of Hillary's secret speeches to Wall Street.

    What would warrant such secrecy? Donations? Wall Street donates to both parties. What would warrant the secrecy? Only one thing, that is, the continued and expanded legal thievery of 401ks via stock options and IPOs. Another thing is TPP--she'll burn her promises to Bernie.

    No American family is so involved in and benefitting from decapitalism on so broad a scale as the Clintons. Bill's library, foundation and speeches receive many dollars directly or indirectly from decapitalists. The same with Hillary. Chelsea was a PR spokesperson for a Wall Street divestment bank from which she now is a double-digit millionaire with a $10 million New York apartment. Her husband has his own hedge fund. Her husband's father, a former congressman, was convicted of financial fraud and is receiving free federal room and board. His mother was a habitual politician. All of Hillary's top 20 donors to her Super-Pac sold self-issued stock to come up with the cash: $63,000,000. A honest, full rendition of Hillary's speeches would reveal, this writer opines, a promise to keep the gravy train flowing. The problem is not Citizen United. The problem is the biggest bank robbery in history which Hillary will not stop.

    [This is not an endorsement of Hillary's opponent--few have a soul as dark and ugly as America's number one terrorist threat: Donald Trump. Does he lie to us or repeat self-lies, that is, hypocrisy versus psychosis? The 2016 presidential election is not a lesser of two evils but the lesser of two devils.]
  19. $50 Trillion?: Stock Options ... IPOs ... Campaign Financing ... Golden Parachutes ... Media Purchases ... Real estate purchases ... Donations ... Foundations ... Sports teams ... Presidential Libraries ... the Clintons. In one generation, decapitalists went from 20% to over 50% ownership of America's wealth. The reader probably has lost pensions and retirement savings. Till death, you work, they play. How many millions are being legally stolen each day? Each Hour? Each Minute?

    A key repeat thought to keep in mind: If Joe Six-Pack prints counterfeit stocks for sale to the public, he goes to jail. But, if insiders first filter the counterfeits through insiders as stock options then it is legal rather than illegal thievery.

    Upwards of 99% of the people reading this perspective are victims of decapitalism but will willingly continue to be part of the silent majority that constitutes the confederacy of igknowamuses. Too late, they will think street protest will correct their igknowance, e.g., the Occupy Movement. Igknowance is bliss only until the igknowed problems blitz their bliss.
  20. Prognosis: Decapitalism is here to stay until, like all cancers, it self-destructs and destroys the larger system upon which it depends. Clearly, the decapitalists don't want to lose their golden goose regardless of this Timist's cradle-to-grave death notice. Habitual politicians are not going to change it, e.g., the Clinton Clan with daddy's foundation dependent on stock donations, mommy with her Wall Street speeches, daughter with her divestment bank double-digit millions of dollars, and son-in-law with his hedge fund finangling funny figures on funny flimsies.

    Since 1980--the year when the biggest bank robbery began to accelerate--two families have dominated politics and decapitalism: Bush and Clinton. The Clintons cannot change their spots. The Bushes are the front people for the most powerful, longest-running Republican financial faction, the Walkers. David Davis Walker's uncle put Abraham Lincoln into the White House. His son, George Herbert Walker, was the general manager for the Robber Barons of the late 1800s and first-half of the 1900s. His namesake was #41. It is almost impossible to walk down Wall Street without walking into a Walker, e.g., hedge-funder G.H.W. IV. A Walker was the origin of the political term filibuster. (In tennis, this family gave us the Davis Cup. In golf, G.H.W. funded the Walker Cup now the President Cup.)

    Calls or laws to tax decapitalists are like telling bank robbers they can keep most of the stolen cash if they pay a fee or tax. 401ks are the biggest bank robbery in history. Any monetary fine on decapitalists is merely an accounting exercise. The decapitalists pass on the fines as a cost of doing business, that is, higher, inflationary prices. Insiders do not get punished with fines. The 2007 financial crisis resulted in inflationary fines with no prison terms. To exterminate decapitalism we need to incarcerate after passing three simple laws.

    Manchins' Mylan Epipens: A Poster Family for what is wrong with politics and business. Using her "wife of a U.S. Senator" entry card,  Gayle Manchin went around the nation telling schools to stock Mylan's Epipens which they do. Her daughter Heather Manchin Kirby Bresch is president of Mylan which raised Epipen price, despite lower production costs, from $100 to $600. In October, 2016, the turn-style government bureacrats "fine" Mylan $465 million. Do the father, wife, daughter or Mylan execs/directors pay this fine? No, it is a consumer tax managed by Mylan. My admiration and respect for West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin dropped to below zero. He used political connections to get his daughter an unearned MBA degree. If the whole Catholic Manchin family went to jail, America would be taxed less by corporate "fines" as corporate myops would practice their Sunday morality all weeklong.

    Sadly, and tragically, neither traditional nor social media will do their part. Are Sheldon Adelson and Jeff Bezos going to allow their newspapers to research and discuss the biggest bank robbery in history? No. They are poster boys for being big time legal thieves.

    Of social media, venture funding is behind every serious start-up. Both the operators and speculators want the big IPO bucks. They will not support public education of how 401ks steal the pensions and retirement of the Muddled-Class. In other words, those who say, don't know. And, those who upload don't last. This writer knows. Sisyphus is laughing at this writer.

    As state governments are addicted to lottery proceeds that destroy the work ethic so are Wall Street firms addicted to raiding pensions that destroy retirements. Can you imagine the economic and financial crisis when stock options are voided and IPOs are outlawed? The exit portholes will not be large or numerous enough as the rats abandon the sinking ship. In a few days, the Dow would plunge 50% or more. As politicians have no plan for immigration so they do not have a migration plan from decapitalism back to capitalism.

    Decapitalism is here to stay until, like all cancers, it self-destructs and destroys the larger system upon which it depends.
  21. Summary: To claim that capitalism is failing is like accusing someone of a crime when the person was on vacation and nowhere near the crime scene. Capitalism is not failing. It is a sheepskin under which the wolves of Wall Steal devour our future. If ever there was an emperor without clothes, it is the decapitalists parading as capitalists. Sheepskins from prestiges universities are a common denominator, e.g., 50% of top names in the 2007/8 financial crisis had Harvard Business School degrees on their resumes.

    Economically, Wall Street metastasized capitalism into decapitalism, which is capitalism for a fewer few not capitalism per capita. In parallel, Wall Street corrupted our democracy into a 24/7 money dictatorship not daily democracy. We cannot have the benefits of capitalism and democracy (a world increasingly freer of problems) if we use the symbols of these problem-solving twins while the substance is hijacked and diluted.

(The prime issue in the 2016 Presidential election should be the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate change. This cannot be acheved unless we save the middle-class from economic self-destruction. Otherwise, the poor will continue to do nothing, and the rich will foolishly think they can fly away. Three simple laws can stop decapitalism from destroying our future.)

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