US lights at night

Blastomas of CO2

Blastoma is a good word for the CO2 bubbles that develop over oil fields and population centers. The primary meaning of "blast" is a sudden movement of air. Another use is "a sudden pernicious influence or effect." The latter is why blastoma is used to describe a "tumor whose cells have embryonic characteristics, fast-growing and invasive." This describes the growing mass of CO2 that develops and lingers over sources of CO2. The bubbles or blastomas have pernicious effect on weather.

As described elsewhere, the US has several major oil to which downwind droughts can be found: Texas Dustbowls (1932 & 1950, 1999), Alaska (1970) and Gulf of Mexcio (1990). In addition, all areas of high fossil fuel burning have CO2 blastomas, that is, population centers. The above map of the US at night showing the lighting corresponds to human density and CO2 generation.  Cities affect weather: "The massive amounts of heat and pollution that rise from the world's cities both delay and stimulate the fall of precipitation, cheating some areas of much-needed rain and snow while dousing others." 031216 Sounds like the CO2 Matrix of Drought/Deluge.

One can see a difference between the Florida and the Carolinas population densities which explains why hurricanes can act differently, stalling and shapeshifting off Florida (Frances 2004) and donuting into the Mid-Atlantic (Isabel 2003, Ophelia 2005)

Mid-Atlantic  Lack of Leading Edge CO2 Dessication: Donuts or Rear Dessicatoin

Emily 1993 Dennis 1999 Isabel 2003 Ophelia 2005

Leading edge cloaking over Florida

Frances 2004 Sept 4 Jeanne 2004

Smoking Bite: The following images of Hurricane Bonnie (2004) shows a distinct CO2 blastoma at the upper right, like a bite taken out of the circular hurricane. This unique, distinct CO2 blastoma had its origina to the massive release of CO2 by the massive deep-water Gulf of Mexico oil rigs (see GOM). As detailed in Smoking Bite, the CO2 blastoma accounted for the sudden weakening of Bonnie that lingered as a high water density CO2 blastoma which accounted for the sudden intensification of the hurricane that followed a day later, Charlie.
2004 Bonnie Bite, Visible
2004 Bonnie Bite, IR

As one understands the nature of CO2 blastomas, one starts looking at satellite images not for high and low systems but for blastoma development and movement. The phrase "high pressure system with dry air" is another term for a CO2 blastoma, increased pressure and dessication from CO2. An important consideration is how, apparently, the dynamics of CO2 blastomas are not geometrical but are exponential in their climatic effects.

It is important to note the growing droughts in major areas of human concentration--broken by record-breaking deluges of precipitaton--are caused by the CO2 blastomas of the automobile ``addicted Americans. To state it bluntly,

  1. Americans who listen to petrophiliacs saying there is no global warming from rising CO2 levels, and,

  2. Americans who think there are simple, secret replacements for CO2 generating fuels

are shitting themselves. With friends like our habitual politicians and like ourselves we don't need enemas.


  1. Another example of how CO2 blastomas exist and are relative unmovable is the increasing comments by weather people talking about rain images on radar images but that no rain will fall because the rain is upper atmosphere falling into dry air. The dry air is the the CO2 blastomas generated by burning fossil fuels at ground level. If people want more rain for their cities and reservoirs, they need to cut their generation of "greenhouse gases", or more appropriately, "greedwater gases."

  2. 071229 Blastoma is appropriate for in the atmospheric body, the CO2 masses become malignant entities that alter the underlying environment, sucking the water and life out of landscape. Like a cancer metastasizing into a systemic killer, the bursting of water-saturated CO2 blastomas destroys the biomass not from a dessicating drought but from a destructive deluge. As a cancer mass structures and colonizes the metabolic infrastructure to extend its time so does a CO2 blastoma catalyze activities that will increase CO2 levels: droughts and deluges. CO2 blastomas really do have a life cycle of their own that is very much like lymphomatosis. Both the frequency and locations of CO2 blastomas will increase at an exponential rate until the earth's atmosphere is one big mass of CO2 like Venus which has no life.

  3. 090120 Blastomas can be seen in the precipitation that does not hit the ground over urban areas that generate and anchor a CO2 blastoma. Weather announcers talk about "dry" atmosphere preventing precipitation hitting the ground. One can see the water-disappearance as voids above cities akin to how the front of hurricanes become invisible when they encounter CO2 blastomas. One is horizontal effacing and the other is horiztonal effacing. The blastomas convert the falling moisture into FRQ clusters that are invisible to the naked eye. This CO2 prevention of precipitation by converting it into clusters occurs at all temperatures, rain or snow. The latter is a sublimation process as is found in polar regions where massive fields of cracks are the results of rising polar CO2 sublimating ice which are basis of weather sluts.

  4. An simple sample of how one can have "parallel universes" in the x,y,z dimension is putting dies, sugar or CO2 in a jar of water. Each subsequent material added will react differently than how the water reacts to it.

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