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Primary Moral Imperative:
Saving Life On Earth

More Time is the basis of all morality at all levels of existence within all entities that exist--see Morality of More Time. With Global Warming having become Global Dying, the Number One moral imperative is saving life on earth. Without life, there is no time.

The real cost of anything is the time you have to work to own it, not ever-changing funny numbers on funny paper with which unfunny politicians and economists play games. As the cost of a car or house is not the downpayment but the subsequent time at work to make the payments so is it that the cost of fossil fuels is not the immediate payment but the downwind time-costs of time-wasting problems from climate change. With accelerating climate change, the real costs is the CO2 generation or CO2-sinning. Thus, we save fossil fuel pennies while incurring climate change downwind dollar debts. Or, save a minute with cheap gas, lose an hour to global dying. A global dying quiz: Grow the economy so we die sooner or slow the economy so we live forever?

If you do not include the primary moral imperative as part of all of your decision-making and problem-solving considerations, you are immoral. You are part of the problem not part of the solution. You are killing life on earth.