Corporate Journalism is distracting us to death
rather than educating us to live.

Media Democracy:
Need for content democracy
as a public utility

Over the years, the discoverer of timism and originator of its applications have approached the media with different aspects of it, from national (Time Magazine twice) to local venues of mass communication.

While feedback from different from individuals has been encouraging, the members of the fourth estate are not much different than the habitual politicians. It doesn't take much stretch of the imagination to realize that most human decision-making hierarchies suffer from habitual policy-makers who fail to consider fresh approaches to old unsolved problems--politics, media, education and economics.

As noted elsewhere-- Media as a public utility --the various forms of written and spoken mass communication should have half the editorial content determined in a democratic process from the readers or listeners. With the development of one-newspaper towns across the nation, the pursuit of profit often includes the skewing of news. Issues are ignored because it might offend the advertisers. Humanity cannot afford to have potential problem-ssolutions withheld or fanatically portrayed. A lot of false advertising could be revealed if newspapers had a bogus advertisement column defined by the readers.

If newspapers were more democratic in content--especially the Res Pubes Tombs Disgrace, this writer believes that awareness of problems killing humanity would have been public knowledge long ago. This is especially true of Oil Droughts.When solutions to problems are obscured or hidden, the human cost is greater. In the case of the Oil Drought, the cost may be humanity itself.

Timisticly, information has a time value. Good information takes humanity forward--humanity profits, pro esse or forward existence. Bad information wastes human time. Withholding good information is a crime against humanity. The despotic nature of the four estate requires legislative defining when a media member has become a public utility with a requirement to use a democratic process to prioritize the news selection and editorial content. Without better democracy at the polls and in the rags, humanity will more problems as the habitual politicians and habitual journalist focus on their own needs.

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