ObamaCare: DOA

The road to hell is paved with good intentions from bad values.

As the drip-drip recounting of bad decisions dominated daily headlines and nightly news, the reasons for why ObamaCare is unlikely to ever be successful grew longer and longer after its launch. Before the rain of bad news flooded forth to wash away the President's naieve promises, long-standing reservoirs of doubt rose ominously to an awful conclusion: DOA.

A priori to launch

  1. Basic economic fact: Increasing the amount of funny numbers on funny paper for purchasing any product without a corresponding increase in the amount of product will cause inflation. If the Federal Reserve gave each peson $1,000,000 for heathcare, would healthcare improve? No, the same number of doctors would merely charge more. Throwing money at problems without increasing the number of problem-solvers merely causes inflation. It is akin to Wall Street reaching new record highs--did American products increase or did funny numbers on funny paper? If we were all given financial wealth in stock, would be wealthier in needed goods and services? Or, would those needs suffer inflationary price rises? Everyone in Zimbawa is a billionaire with it costing billions to buy lunch.

  2. Herding cats: When I read that insurance companies were not only allowed into the deliberation process but to specify their data and forms, I was reminded of how one cannot herd cats--they all go their own way in all directions. On a logical device like a computer, it is hard to viably and reliably program the illogic of corporate greed. To try to do this for numerous healthcare insurers in different states a near impossibility.

  3. When Kaiser Wilhelm II presented a design for a 9,000 ton battleship for his navy, an official said, "lovely, but it won't float."

  4. Whenever habitual politicians offer something-for-nothing, it is only matter of time before taxpayers and citizens pay more for less, e.g., deregulation and privatization. The Japanese have a saying that the most expensive things in life are first free--free parking>$100 towing fee ... free financial advise>no savings, pension or retirement ... free love > 18years of child costs.

  5. Contradiction: An earlier Obama healthcare initiative was allowing young people to stay on their parents' healthcare plan till age 26. Did this encourage better independent, tax-paying problem-solvers or stay-at-home, parent-dependent, tax-depleting couch-potatos? Denying or delaying self-responsibiility castrates an individual whether welfare, wealthfare or healthcare. This broad, earlier, vote-buying healthcare initiative warrants an additional title for our Nobel Prize winning President: Master Emasculator.

    The contradiction is how ObamaCare is counting on the same young people buying A.C.A. health insurance. Duh. Does the left-hand know what the right hand had done previously? With guaranteed emergency room access, why pay hundreds of dollars to underwrite older people. The promise that the next generation will return the favor flies in the face of youngsters' disbelief in Social Security being there for the young.

    Under the law of unintended consequences, this false hope of youth financing seniors forces young people to question whether they want to work for prior generations who lived beyond their means as evidenced by a double-digit trillion dollar national debt. Throw grandma under the bus looms larger in the economic equation of young people's minds--generational warfare.

A Posteriori

  1. After the debut with the growing list of problems, a major public face with subordinants was called in and announced by President Obama to cleanup the mess. Good luck with that one. It is a violation of a rule of logic: An expert in one field is not an expert in another. Better PR is not the same as better progamming. Even without any illogical requirements, progamming healthcare insurance requires an intense, open-ended obsession for a complex of complicated dynamics to be viably and reliably programmed as software. The greater the complexity, the greater the concentration needed. A successful decapitalist on Wall Street with real or virtual ADHD is not the answer. Rather, someone autistic would do better, that is, a person who would obsess on the project until successful.

    (This writer has obsessed on timism for over 40 years not only to elucidate the morality of more time but to convert the vision into a roadmap [the whole plan of the Manheaven Project] with the tools of timism: brainbees, lifehours, votetime and healthcare reform. He has repeatedly delayed a high energy launch to avoid going off half-cocked. As a highly functional autist, he finds the ACA'ists scurrying of pro forma apologists and faux pas mea culpas to be amusing, entertaining and disgusting.)

  2. No computer literacy: Listening to "responsible" parties explain what went wrong conveyed increasingly that they do not know what went wrong as they focus on fluff due to a lack of computer literacy. They think computers do stuff automatically without realizing that a human being must be at one with information flow in order to program the flow of that information.

  3. No personal pain: Like corporate America that is repeatedly fined millions and billions of dollars, no decision-makers has a personal stake in the success of ObamaCare. Fines against corporation are an accounting exercise in which the corporate accountants determine how much to inflate the charge for goods and services to pay the fines. Corporations do not pay finds--consumers do through higher prices. As the revolving door of putative fixers for ObamaCare spins, all the curers will not suffer but gain as they put another notch on their resume belts, to with, "I know what not to do since I saw the failure of ObamaCare from the inside out." Will Obama's Presidential library suffer? Will his post-presidency directorships, speeches and stock options suffer? No, the taxpayer will take the lumps.

  4. Political trap: Given that the medical and healthcare decision-makers a mostly Republicans, should one be surprised when insurers cancel seven million policies because they are not compatible with the A.C.A.? Pointedly, they blame ObamaCare as they cancel millions of policies that require policy-holder may much more for the same or less coverage. Remember, before the 2012 Presidential election, corporations were setting on trillions of dollars which they did not start spending so as to create jobs until after the election so as to negatively affect the jobless rate and Obama's job approval.

  5. Teleliar: In Hollywood, they say don't believe your press releases. In Washington, politicians need to learn to not believe their teleprompter scripts and performance as expert reality. Lip synchers are not great singers as is indicated by the dichotomy between Obama's teleprompter and new conference performance. Obama does not realize how he has self-victimized himself to think more highly of himself because he is a smooth operator when it comes to a teleprompter. As Hollywood says not to believe one's own press releases so should telepromptees not think reading "E=MC2" makes them Einsteins. A telepromptee is akin to a smartphone dummy in which the medium is a message of dumb, dumber, and dumbest.

In summary, Obamacare is like trying to make a silk purse out of a pig's ear for the following reasons:

  1. Promises something for nothing.
  2. Increases people in the lifeboat without building a bigger lifeboat or more lifeboats
  3. Worse than herding cats or trying to fit square pigs into round hovels.
  4. Complexity beyond average human capacity to digest and integate logically. Politicians are inherently dyslexic as they put carts before horses, inherently ADHD as they hopscotch around issues, inherently blameless as they kick cans down the road, inherently Casanovas as they daisy-chain political promises.and inherently self-destructive as they gerrymander to worsen habitual problems.
  5. Buck Roger computer gurus who think they are playing chess when they are mere checker players.
  6. Don't have a personal stake in the poker game of healthcare for America, like heart surgeon operating incognito.
  7. Naive for a Democrat to leave viral doorways for Republicans to vandalize the housework.
  8. Believing speech reading is knowing the truths that will set us free.
  9. Of ObamaCare: Does Obama Care?

    The cure is worse than the disease.

Timism has a formulated a healthcare plan based on community service. Rather than throwing money at a time-wasting problem, it organizes people to solve problems. Unlike business-based healthcare funding, it does not discriminate against seniors or women.


  1. A big difference between this home-grown reformist and corporate-grown Obama is the President claims a vision while this homey claims a roadmap based on vision long-since converted into computer code and writings.

    1. Since the late 1970's, this reformist has pursued different avenues to promote better democracy and capitalism, e.g., Managing without Managers and AESOP: American Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

    2. In 1982, the focus increasingly shifted to the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from the global dying of human-driven climate change.

    3. While President Obama does not know a single line of computer code in ObamaCare, this reformist knows every line of code for healthcare, lifehours and brainbees because he wrote it. The whole package is not going to cost the government anything--far below the $600 million price tag on ObamaCare ... and still counting.

    4. Who codes is irrelevant relative to the central guidelines. While this programmer can claim the logic of the primary moral imperative, better democracy and better capitalism in guiding each line of code, ObamaCare is the legacy of coding to facilitate greed. Nothing shows the greed more than how the insurance companies immediately canceled several million healthcare policies with offers of price-gouging replacements. Did the insurance companies see price-gouging loophole long before the A.C.A. launch? No! Did they keep silent so they could program their computers for a tsunami of "pay more, blame Obama" notices? No! Anyone who says "No!" can buy my two Brooklyn bridges for the price of one!

  2. The Obama Presidency is stuck on trying to solve one problem--healthcare--while Timism recognizes that re-timing (reform) of all needed institutions is required. ObamaCare was, a priori, destined to fail because it did nothing about corporate greed. In fact, as shown by the seven million policy cancellations with higher premium replacements, Obama encouraged and facilitated this corporate greed.

    This attempt to change one part of the whole without changing the rest of the whole is like physics struggling to resolve relativity and quantum physics. For this writer, the understanding that the speed of light is first and formost a rotational phenomenon with the linearity being an epiphenomenon resolves these differences as well as provides a plausible explanation of gravity and mass. But, in both public policy-making and public education, NIH and low iCubes rule.

  3. Obesity: Will fat people get healthier with low cost insurance or think they can do what they want rather than what they need since they have insurance. Compare to timism community service where people get exercise while earning healthcare coverage

  4. CO2 Sinning--Max Man: Directly and indirectly, no person alive is responsible for more CO2 sinning the Barack Obama who compromised campaign promises as he pursued first pursued a second term and then a presidential library. Politicians don't compromise: they campaign promise.


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