The "Primary Moral Imperative" is saving life on earth from climate change.

When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.

The best government is the least government ... if we better self-govern.

As a problem-solving tool, the dollar is dying or dead.

Evil triumphs when good people do not act.

We need a better currency: Lifehours

Earn Lifehours: List of Options

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Lifehours are like frequent flyer miles: The more people who have more of them, the more lifehours will be valued by many more.

  1. Sponsor friends to signup, earn five lifehour credits (and they receive a signup bonus of five lifehours also). Sponsor ten accounts within five days, earn bonus of double. Instead of 50 lifehours (10x5) you will receive 100 lifehours.
  2. Homestead, Political Office: Big Bonus!
  3. Endow Fund for universities, colleges and schools: Bigger Bonus!
  4. Newspaper Ad of Timism Introduction: Biggest Bonus!
  5. Donate/Loan: Two-fers, Both Lifehour Warrants and Lifehour Credits
  6. Boycotts: Trump Electors, Iowa, New Hampshie
  7. Anti-CO2-Sinning
  8. Buy an Ad
  9. Bumper Stickers
  10. Citizen Legislation
  11. Congressional Congresses
  12. Class Action Suits
  13. Litigation
  14. Plebiscites
  15. Timist Jobs
    1. Champions of Timism
  16. Brainbees
  17. Million Lifehour Club

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