Ten-sponsored means 2,500 SIUE supporters will signup along with sponsoring ten additional membership. Sponsor10's have first crack on internships.

One million lifehour credits (about $25,000,000) will be divided among the 2,500 members based on their active support of Timism and 24in4 as well as the activity of their sponsored account. Active support will be determined at the one year anniversary of the 2,500 deadline with the lifehour accumulation and transactions being the factor in allocating the one million lifehour credits.

Remember, in sponsoring a new supporter, one receives five lifehour credits or over $125. Thus, a 10-sponsor earns over $1250 in lifehour credits. More importantly, one is helping to create a public policy-making process to reverse climate chaos, the Primary Moral Imperative.

One wants to sponsor others who will actively want the benefits of Timism, e.g., a colleague in another setting is better than your great-grandmother in a nursing home.