When millions have billions in lifehour credits,
we will have a problem-solving cyber-currency.

Abacus Federal Savings Bank
New York City

Financial Gateway of Timism

Abacus Bank was chosen as Timism's "gatekeeper" bank (and benefits thereof) because of the integrity shown and maintained when it was unfairly targeted for prosecution by the U.S. federal government for events of the 2007 financial crisis.
  1. 'Abacus': The Small Chinatown Bank That Paid A High Price (NPR)
  2. Abacus Bank Found Not Guilty of Mortgage Fraud and Other Charges (NYT)
  3. Abacus Bank is the tentative repository of the additional millions of dollars from people paying one hour of wages for a 24in4.com account .
  4. Abacus Bank is eligible for 100,000 lifehour credits (about $2.6 million) for in-house or donation use if it performs these services.
  5. Abacus Bank was selected by Timism without any a priori discussion.  As such, Abacus Bank neither supports nor rejects the tenets of Timism. It is like a printing press that knows not what is printing. It can cancel its selection if chooses to so do.

Location of this webpage: www.Timism.com\TimeBiz\Genesis\AbacusBankNYC.htm
Please follow developments at Twitter.com/Brainbees

Timism has projects to which credit lines are requested by backers. Any loan usage will be repaid from Timism cashflow. An upfront 10% finders fee will be taken from the loan amount by the originators of Timism to re-coup the costs of creating the Tools of Timism for  better democracy and capitalism.

It is important for the reader to review Timism's business model as well as its originator's resume, achievements and references. Thru lifehour stock give away to signed up supporter of Timism, it is estimated 400 to 600 million "shares" will be given away with a "market cap" of $10 to $15 billion based on the average U.S. lifehour wages of about $25/hour. The originator of Timism in writing and completing the software has not needed to go thru venture capitalist for a few million in order for the V.C. to make billions of dollars selling stock into 401ks and pensions of the middle-class. Timism gives the stock directly to the middle-class via numerous avenues.

Abacus' Gatekeeper Function: When philantropists contact Abacus, Abacus will email Timism with the contact information of the interested party to initiate a meeting to clarify any questions before funds are released.

Philantropists wanted:

  1. Mars Candy to fund the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from climate change.
    You pledged $1 billion to fight climate change. Without better democracy and capitalism from the Tools of Timism, there is no hope. Please guarantee a $5 million line of credit at Abacus Bank in NYC. See Timism.com/TimeBiz/Genesis/PressReleases/MarsCandy170922.htm. The money will be used for nationwide hierarchy from local to global of Primary Moral Imperative clubs with repayment from cashflow. Timism will take a 7% originator fee to pay off past debts. For preliminary review meeting, write 3600 Anne, Richmond VA 23225.
    See CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule

  2. Bloomberg, Michael: You offered $200 million for revitalize cities, the core of civilization. Please guarantee a $5 million line of credit at Abacus Bank in NYC. See Timism.com/PR2017/Bloomberg2017.htm. The money will be used for implementing 24in4 with repayment from cashflow. Timism will take a 7% originator fee to pay off past debts. For preliminary review meeting, write 3600 Anne, Richmond VA 23225

  3. Geo. Soros: Brainbees for better democracy. Go beyond the Democratic Party and support brainbees which are the super-highway to government of the people, by the people, and for the people. See Super Brainbee standarization of public function for any country and see how to add a nation in only a few hours.

  4. Lottery Winner: VoteTime implementation for better, cheaper voting--Your name will be on every VoteTime ballot worldwide. And, the money deposited is a two-fer, that is, the money used is not repaid but you get parallel lifehour credits. Funding VoteTime is a loan with a bonus.

Timism reserves the right to reject any philantropist for this advertising line found to be un-democratic and decapitalistic.

Caveat: As is true in all such matters, changing conditions may warrant changing policies based on better, logical results. Hope there are no changes, for changes require a time commitment which would be better spent pro-active rather than re-active. Overall, the plan for the needed better democracy and capitalism has been subjected to a double-alphabet of "what if's" far more than the average beetcher who has no plan ... but bugs remain surely.