Abacus Federal Savings Bank
New York City

Financial Gateway of Timism

Abacus Bank was chosen as Timism's "gatekeeper" bank (and benefits thereof) because of the integrity shown and maintained when it was unfairly targeted for prosecution by the U.S. federal government for events of the 2007 financial crisis.
  1. 'Abacus': The Small Chinatown Bank That Paid A High Price (NPR)
  2. Abacus Bank Found Not Guilty of Mortgage Fraud and Other Charges (NYT)
  3. Abacus Bank is the tentative repository of the additional millions of dollars from people paying one hour of wages for a 24in4.com account .
  4. Abacus Bank is eligible for 100,000 lifehour credits (about $2.6 million) for in-house or donation use if it performs these services.
  5. Abacus Bank was selected by Timism without any a priori discussion.  As such, Abacus Bank neither supports nor rejects the tenets of Timism. It is like a printing press that knows not what is printing. It can cancel its selection if chooses to so do.

Location of this webpage: www.Timism.com\TimeBiz\Genesis\AbacusBankNYC.htm
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Timism has projects to which funds can be deposited for active use or as "calling cards."

  1. Actively used funds become a two-fer loan to Timism. Any loan usage will be repaid from Timism cashflow. A 10% finders fee will be taken from the loan amount by the originators of Timism to re-coup the costs of creating the Tools of Timism for  better democracy and capitalism.

  2. "Calling cards" are one-year CDs which remain in the control of the purchaser with Timism having no access to the CD/funds. They serve to show interest by the CD purchaser for a Timism topic or project. For Embassy co-sponors of the CO2 Killer Molecule seminar, the number is limited to the number of Washington, DC, embassies.

It is important for the reader to review Timism's business model and Viral Global Social Network as well as its originator's resume, achievements and references.

Abacus' Gatekeeper Function: When funds are deposited or CD purchased, Abacus will email Timism with the contact information of the depositor to initiate a meeting to clarify any questions before funds are released. In some cases, e.g., litigation, up to five CD-depositors will be considered for the associated activity. An email PR campaign has begun (170927) to the targeted depositors/purchasers with the door open to others  who might want to jump in.

Color Nomenclature of deposited funds usage:

  1. CD Calling card (blue): The funds are an indication by the depositor of an interest in the related activity, e.g., seminars, Center for Timism, or litigation opportunity.

  2. Loan (green): Money will be used for the intended listed purpose. Funds to be repaid from Timism cashflow.

  3. Litigation (red): Individuals or institutions to be litigated.

  4. Loan to avoid Litigation (purple): Institutions that can make a loan for the stated purpose to avoid litigation.

  5. Numbers in parentheses are the lifehour credits allocated to depositor, e.g., the foreign embassy that host a one-day seminar on CO2: The Global Killer Molecule will receive 1,000,000 lifehour credits, or, about $25,000,000 in Timism services or credits. Like other cyber-currencies, lifehours are tradable with on one big difference: Most are used for illegal activity, e.g., bitcoin, while lifehours are designed to solve human problems especially climate chaos.

    A goal of Timism necessary for the Primary Moral Imperative is a global, functional currency system based on the value of a person's time as a solver of time-wasting problems, that is, wealth and worth rejoin their common semantic ancestry as moral twins once again. That currency is the lifehour. Like frequent flyer airline miles, when millions have billions of lifehour credits, a new de facto currency exists. Unlike other currencies that are manipulated by politicians, economists and speculators, lifehours cannot be inflated/deflated because they are to be tied to the one common denominator that is ageless, the hours of our life--24/day.

Bank Accounts/CD Reference will be named after the project as Timism, Project/Topic, Depositor/Claimant.
Done #


Type # Timism Project/Topic Depositor/Claimant
Seminars Seminar Setup



1 Timism CO2Killer Molecule [Foreign Embassy] CO2 Killer Molecule (1,000,000)



1 Timism 24in4, Healthcare US state capital/governor: Healthcare/Disasters (50,000)



1 Timism Disasters US state capital/governor: Disaster Minimization (50,000)



1 Timism Tax Re-Timing US state capital/governor: Profit-sharing and direct time taxation (50,000)
New Forms



1 Timism Center for Timism* China, India or Japan Alternative University to So.Il.Univ at Edwardsville


2-fer 1 Timism Global Democracy**
One can option
one or all.
Bloomberg, Michael
Mars Candy



2-fer 1 Timism Disaster Management



2-fer 1 Timism Elementary Democracy




Timism Newspaper [Newspaper Name] (for 50% of Timism's cashflow)




5 Timism Global Dying [Law firm's name] CO2 Litigation Crowdfunding
1,000,000 Lifehour bonus for success.
  1. California BTU Tax
  2. Stop Atlantic Coast Pipeline (Gaston and Harvey)
  3. Bracken Fields
  4. Keystone (Hurricane Harvey)




2-fer 1 Timism Printer Promotions (Monopoly, e.g, Member Cards & Bumper Stickers)



Cancer Avoidance Enterprise Car Rental

*Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (SIUE) has a limited time to meet the signup requirements before a foreign university is pursued. Should SIUE not meet the signup requirements, the list of foreign universities will be reviewed to select one as the Center for Timism: The Morality of More Time. Rejected as a party, play school.

**The lender for Global Democracy will receive the right to an acknowledgement/advertising line on the bottom of most email sent to Timist account members.

  1. Timism can create a mirror self-similarity of its scripts and databases in less than two-minutes for another, new nation.
  2. Exception emails are related to specific projects, probably not to exceed 10% of email traffic.
  3. The funds are transfered in increments of $1,000,000 with each 10% of nations being setup with the tools of timism to benefit from better democracy and capitalism.
  4. Timism reserves the right to reject any applicant for this advertising line found to be un-democratic and decapitalistic.

Caveat: As is true in all such matters, changing conditions may warrant changing policies based on better, logical results. Hope there are no changes, for changes require a time commitment which would be better spent pro-active rather than re-active. Overall, the plan for the needed better democracy and capitalism has been subjected to a double-alphabet of "what if's" far more than the average beetcher who has no plan ... but bugs remain surely.