Endow Education and Watch the Lifehours Accumulate

  1. Buy Existing unclaimed endowment.
  2. Create Entry unlisted public institution

Please endower a public university, college or system to accelerate the creation of 24in4, that is, Share Job Time not Jobless Crime.

Besides the general universal rewards, e.g., the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate change, you can personally benefit by receiving one lifehour credit (about $26.50 in 2016) for each person who votes for the public institution you endow. And, you can have, if you want, your name as the endower on each signup receipt.

The cost is a downpayment of one lifehour ($26.50) plus a 30-day final payment of less than one cent per student at the school or in the system--one lifesecond ($0.0074). For a system of 10,000 Population that is $26.50 plus $74, or about $100. For 20,000 Population, about $175. And, this is a loan to be repaid from cashflow when the 1,000,000 free accounts are replaced by payments of one hour of wages for an account. How many Americans will give one hour of wages to refinance all of their loans to save hundreds of hours of wages?

(If the final 30-day payment is not made, the endowed school will be auctioned off on eBay. For a school of 10,000, one need only four signups to re-coup the cost. If 100 signup, the lifehour dollar value is $2650.)

As a public and private problem-sovling tool, the dollar is dead or dying. We need a logical, honest and functional replacement. The lifehour is the symbol that is substance of your hours of life. The more lifehours that people have, the sooner we live in a safer, saner world. Do you part with quantified rewards.

For means and message, visit the SuperBrainbee.

Will you get your money back? What percentage of American middle-class workers would pay one hour of wages to refinance all their loans?

If you are a teacher, when you enter your classroom, ask Population to take a moment to vote for your school ... and to put you down as the sponsor (who earns five lifehour credits per account sponsored). You deserve reward. A graduate student with 300 Population would receive 1500 lifehour credits, or, about $40,000. More than enough for average student loan.