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While an unbelievable, statistically improbable bit of luck bumped me into the US Navy's electronic schools (one of four top schools) and a top ship assignment, I did very well because it was the first time in my life that I did not have to worry about food and shelter. Hell of a note that one feels safer in the military than in prior civilian life. When one hears veterans claim that the military improved their lives by providing structure, part and parcel is the security of knowing if you do right, you will have the security of food and shelter within a structure of consistent do's and don't's. If one has dysfunctional, illogical parents, priests, pastors, rabbis or mullahs, no matter what one does to do right, one ends up beaten or abused. Because he made so many of them, God must love the hypocrites who do not practice what they preach .

For reasons unclear, I thrived and achieved on electronics as I did later in academic chemistry. In both cases, I had a sense of how the matter mattered well enough for instructors in both military and university settings to compliment my understanding. That understanding underlies the unity of timism as a periodic table of existence, that is, the morality of more time wherein time is the thread in the fabric of life.

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