Soaking Up The Sun, 2008

A bio was submitted for my 40th high school reunion in 2008 which I did not attend. In it are not only summaries of timism but the conclusion of having passed the tipping point which is why I rise each morning before sunrise to to soak up the sun. In 2006 I had concluded that we had passed the tipping point some years before which meant only a massive, global Manheaven Project (patterned after the WWII Manhattan Project) could save life on earth, the Primary Moral Imperative. Sadly, in 2010, I concluded we had passed the recovery point, that is, the point of no return which meant more exuding in the birth of each new day. Another pondered and hightened enjoyment is the onset of cold weather. The day will come when cold is no more than a memory as unending heatwaves aggressively destroy life on earth.

Bio submitted for 40th high school reunion.

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