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Why Virginia and Richmond are Deadzones

Visitors: ??

Deadzones of Timism
Banned Tools of Timism for
Virginia, RVA, VCU, DOC, Suntrust, Altria

Brainbees are a true, social media for productive social intercourse
that transcends the standard serial mental masturbation
of the existing de facto asocial media,
see iPuds: iPad, iPod, & iPhone.

Bans: 24in4 Questionnaire ... Brainbees ... Education ... JobTime ... Lancaster ... Media ...  Re-Locators ... ... Visitors ... VoteTime ... Whole Plan

How to De-Deadzone Virginia and Richmond:

Impact on workforce, existing and replacement: Middle-class flight with lower quality replacement.

Banned Levels:

  1. Virginia, RVA, VCU, DOC, Suntrust, Altria

24in4 Banned

  1. No Loan refinancing to zero-interest with profit-sharing payback.
  2. No community service healthcare
  3. No credit for solar shades, normally five (about $130).

Banned Parameters: (list)

  1. InstitutionsSponsor/Recruiter ban: No VCU, RPD, DPU, RVA, RPS benefits
  2. Richmond Zipcodes

Brainbees Ban:

  1. Citizen Legislation
  2. Citizen Citations
  3. Personal Democracy
  4. One-Time Brainbees
  5. No Opt-in for national or federal elective office
  6. No Tell the Chief
  7. Youth Wisdom Forums
  8. Zero-Cost Primaries


  1. Daily Democracy
  2. JobTime
  3. MarketTime
  4. One-Time Brainbees
  5. No Conventions


  1. No Classroom assistants/tutors
  2. No Flipflop 4-day workweek
  3. No JobTime for hiring
  4. No Lancaster Brainbees
  5. No Youth Wisdom Forums
  6. No Personal Democracy for parents to get their acts together
  7. No Teacher self-prioritized feedback


  1. Columnists: No One-Time BB

Police/Fire Depts:

  1. No Elementary Democracy for petty policing and minor crimes.
  2. No JobTime: Lower quality recruits
  3. No 24in4 benefits.

Social Media:

United States:

Whole Plan:

  1. No Elementary Democracy
  2. No Optimizing work week length
  3. No Crowdfunding Lifehour Earnings
  4. No Disaster Prep
  5. No District Lifehours
  6. Seminars on Timism:
    1. No Richmond high schools: Chesterfield CO2 Killer series
    2. No Richmond universities: VSU, ODU, RMC CO2 Killer series
    3. No Champions of Timism.
    4. No Science Museum of Virgina

Vistiors and Re-Locators: Lifehour accounts deleted

  1. Anyone moving into Richmond
  2. Visiting speakers, performers, and musicians.
  3. Tourists, accounts deleted when decerned.
  4. In general, New employees or college students after May 1, 2018, will have Timism accounts deleted: No lifehours, no loan refinancing, no volunteer service for healthcare.
  5. Increased middle-class flight from Richmond with a decline in replacement in both quantity and quality.

VoteTime: Nope