Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, & Spain

PIIGS : Unite or Be Butchered

For the third time in 100 years, Germany is driving Europe into the turmoil of international crisis and conflict. First was Prussian fascism. Next was Nazi fascism. Now it is economic fascism.

As implemented, the Euro currency imposes monetary colonialism on all Euro-dependent countries by the wealthiest European country--Germany. As such, Germany is able to export its inflation and employment problems. Germany destabilizes other countries via the braindrain of the best and brightest into Germany.

Brain draining is an insidious, seeming benign economic cancer. The colonizing country's problem-solving improves with more spare time and wealth while the drained country suffers the inflation from problems being solved slowly, poorly or never. Invariably, the colonizer starts lending its excess wealth to the colonized at usury rates. This creates a vicious cycle that can only end, like all cancers, in death of the colonized and colonizer.

Brain draining impact is obvious in how the Euro encouraged the PIIGS workers to migrate to the higher paying jobs of Germany. For instance, consider how Germany got more plumbers willing to work for less than German plumbers (over-production deflation): Voila, Germans had more money at the end of the day from cheaper plumbers.

The plumber's country of origin had fewer plumbers which results in poorer service and higher prices (shortage inflation). The latter country, opposite to Germany, has less and less excess currency for other economic activity. Slowly, the drained countries die.

Compounding the problem is how the brain-winners have excess money which they lend at usury rates to the declining economies. Thus, the monetary colonizers drain further problem-solving potential from the colonized. Every usury Euro for banker banquets is a theft of time that could be solving a local problem.

With a shared currency in which economies are allowed a certain deficit percentage, the larger economy actually benefits more for each percentage point--see Bucket Economics.

The most pernicious aspect of the Euro is the sex trade which provides cheaper, younger bodies to the monetary colonizers. Based on headlines, the heads of the European banks don't seem to mind this icing on the cake of usury.

Primary Moral Imperative, Part 1

If you are wondering why this essay has been composed and distributed, it is global warming. We have a Primary Moral Imperative to save life on earth from human-caused climate-chaos. If cancerous economics continue to destroy nation after nation then there will be no international infrastructure to organize an effort to reverse what will become global dying.

Monetary Colonialism
Monetary colonialism is not without precedence. After the Second World War with the only major industrial economy intact, the US used the dollar to run deficits funding domestic programs by exporting dollars to colonize foreign economies. Foreigners have been organized to serve US needs rather than domestic needs. The US national debt represents trillions of dollars legally stolen from foreign economies which would be in better shape had they not been monetarily colonized by the US habitual politicians.


Capitalism is a victim of identity theft. Economic thieves use the cover of capitalism to decapitalize production (bankruptcy) and decapitate jobs (unemployment). This is Decapitalism: Economic Bloodshed. Capitalism is not failing. Rather, decapitalists are parading as capitalists.

Economic fascism practices capitalism for a fewer as it decapitalizes production and decapitates jobs--economic bloodshed. Un-victimized by identity theft, capitalism is capitalism per capita. Worse than stolen valor is stolen value.

Decapitalists by field: Wall Stealers, Unrepentent Usurists, Fudging Financiers, Corporate Myops, Habitual Politicians, Tenure Economists, and Lapdog Mediacs.


The proposed and implemented unit of value within the Timism currency system is the lifehour. The word currency comes from "what is your time currently worth?" An ideal currency would, in name, emphasize this because historically usurists have divorced the symbols of our problem-solving worktime from the actual value of our hours of life at work.

The Euro crisis is a reflection, again, of a currency being divorced from problem-solving. The problem-solvers suffer austerity imposed by usurists in other countries. The Euro was an attempt, in monetary theory, to reduce inter-border currency manipulation by domestic habitual politicians and tenured economists. In fact, as shown by repeated can-kicking, it has failed in part because of monetary colonialism.

The value of any economic unit (individual, family, polis, nation or worldwide) is the amount of daily time needed to acquire the necessities of life to live--not the wants from one lying about what is important. Who is a more valuable farmer, one who produces his needed food in one hour or ten hours? Family? Polis? Etc.? The lifehour value of the one-hour creator is ten times that of the ten-hour less productive worker.

What should be the exchange rate between organized workers so as to optimize problem-solving and reduce monetary colonialism? Simple. Divide the number of hours of life to sustain life into the universal 24 hour day. The one-hour creator's value lifehour would be 24 while the ten-hour workers would be 2.4. This is true whether one lives in any country or any century.

With this simple formula, humanity can have the optimal currency that transends the decapitalistics legal thievery of usurists, politicians, economists, etc. This currency, if easily implemented worldwide with the internet, we can have an end to trade wars, monetary colonialism, brain drain, sex trade and economic terrorism.

With lifehours, problem-solvers control the rewars that symbolize their worktime. With monetarism/usury, others control our fate. As Mayer Rothchild said, "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!"

Whose money is it? Ours or not ours. Who should control it? The wealth creators or the wealth players?


As it is increasingly unsafe for Europeans to travel to African and Mid-East countries, this unsafety will increasingly occur in Europe as a result of Teutonic economic fascism. The trend will accelerate of people foolishly trading freedom and privacy for security and safety: They will have none of the above.

Lone-wolf immigrant terrorists will share headlines with lone-wolf anti-fascist Europeans. Without an end to usury, the resurrection of the Baeder-Meinhoff and Red Brigade is only a matter of time As Nat Turner said, "only a cataclysmic act could convince the architects of a violent social order that violence begets violence." Lone-wolf terrorists are bred by loan-wolf terrorists.


Ironically, Germany is the source of and solution to the problem. With the theoretical basis of lifehours, one can see the practical benefits of how Hitler turned Germany around in a couple of years from depressed to thriving economy. How?

[Note: This is obviously not an endorsement of Hitler or fascism. If Hitler had not some good, he would not have stayed in power so long like Angela Merkel. One need not listen long before the echos of Aryan superiority are found in her demeanor. While 1920s/30s Germany suffered reparation taxation, in the 21st century Germany is imposing a de facto reparation tax via usury. Her economic fascism, in the end, will have the same roller coaster effect on Germans. Both are guilty of decapitalism--economic phlebotomy.]

Hitler alleviated the curse and burden of the gold-based reparation payments by implementing the arbeit mark which could only be traded inside Germany (before repudiating reparations altogether). Please, think about it. Was this not Timism's proposed lifehour currency in an early rendition? Lifehours are tied to one's problem-solving time which is another name for work (not organized play).

The solution to the PIIGS economic crisis is to implement arbeit marks for each economic unit via the internet. It really would be very simple, very quick and very inexpensive compared to the direct Euro costs and indirect Euro devastation.

Fully developed, the lifehour currency system would have no coin or script, just plastic. A moneyless economy is less expensive than one with paper and metal. China is issuing each citizen plastic so as to do away with comparatively expensive currencies with high manufacturing and usage costs. Are the PIIGS as smart as China?

As to creating a new currency tied to the value of a life hour at work, consider the new internet currencies that are tied to nothing except end-users trust: BitCoin, etc. Or, the usurists' hat trick of generating numbers out of thin air with the backing of bonds metastasized for the occasion. If drug dealers and habitual criminals can have a private currency (BitCoins), why cannot the PIIGS eliminate the usurists' funny money taxed by usurists' interest fees? All those plastic gift cards in shops that one can purchase with a country's currency are forms of private currency. A business can have its own currency but the PIIGS don't.

It is important to note that creation of a lifehour currency system is easy, too easy. If not matched with better democracy and capitalism [of which this writer has the roadmap], a lifehour system will extend moral corruption a little longer before the basic cancer kills the system.

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  1. Whate Needs To Be Done
  2. Primary Moral Imperative, Part 2
  3. What You Can Do
  4. Timistic Analysis
  5. Index of Related Writings

What Needs To Be Done

Like the dynamics of all historical cancerous colonial relationships (Persia, Babylon, Rome, India(repeatedly), China(repeatedly), Russia, Britain, France, etc.), the collapse of the colonial empires cause chaos in both the colonizer and the colonized.

  1. Without a peaceful transition away from the dysfunctional Euro to a more viable functional and ideal currency (the lifehour), the dreamed-for European unity to prevent war will metastasize into a nightmare which has already begun with internal terrorism catalyzed by Germany's monetary colonialism.
  2. Without a peaceful transition, the more important issue of saving life on earth from climate-chaos (the Primary Moral Imperative) will be impossible as it is impossible for the growing number of refugees to contribute to their survival let alone to help the survival of planet earth.

Therefore, a conference will be held of the PIIGS to initiate a united front to de-time the Euro not only for domestic tranquility but to save life on earth. We need to stop the German re-nazification of Europe via the usury of the Euro.  

Hitler forced an exchange rate that over-valued the German mark so Germans could buy foreign stuff on the cheap. Sounds familiar in 2015. Then people clearly saw the evil. Today, it is hidden behind champagne toasts, lavish dinners and Nobel Prizes in Economics. The latter rewards organizing legal thievery. The Euro not only fuels brain drain but fosters the body drain of sex trafficking. A embezzling accounting leech is a minor blood-sucker compared to the Euro tapeworm infesting all economic bodies.

When the PIIGS finance managers agree to a meeting in Richmond, Virginia, this thinker will share his views on what they need to do to implement the lifehour currency system. (They need to bring an IT expert to make sure of logic ruleable by computer software.)

A week after they return for feedback from their countrymen, a follow-up meeting will be held in Madrid, Spain, in honor of a hero of democracy, King Juan Carlos. Thereafter, a plebiscite will be held based on the proposed new currency system. The plebiscite will be a model for other countries to re-structure their economies to avoid the collapse that would doom the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate-chaos.

The solution is not bankruptcy or cutting the debt principle. The long-term solution follows the Timism 3-Part Roadmap. There is a real cool aspect to making everyone happy if everyone wants it.

Primary Moral Imperative, Part 2

If humanity tries to finance saving life on earth with usury/monetarism, a few will have big bank accounts before they die after the rest of humanity. Usury is a main factor for breakdown of societies. People in refugee camps do not care about global warming or dying when they are worrying about their next meal.

As a financial tool to fund the cost of crises, usury was critical in destroying the British Empire as the costs of WWI and WWII were funded by borrowed money with inflationary user fees. As Churchill said, "Never was so much owed by so many to so few."

A favorite quote from readings in the 1970's is

"Nothing made the German people so embittered,
so raging with hatred, so ripe for Hitler,
as the Inflation."

Angela Merkel, does this not describe what you are doing to Europe? You are the dioxin of the economic cancer cheapening of the mass of European humanity. Germany and you will learn once again that fascism imposed on others, in any form, is a boomerang hell-on-earth.

If the PIIGS succeed in implementing lifehour currencies then they can help save Germany from itself.

What You Can Do

Remember that economic cancers like the Euro catalyze crime, riots, terrorism and war.

  1. Please email this missive to:
    1. Friends, media, politicians, educators and unions.
    2. Unions: Please email to your members
    3. Media: Publish or summarize as OpEd
    4. Politicians: Send your finance ministers to Richmond, Virginia.
  2. Email your Finance Minister: Go to Richmond click here for email form with FM addresses.
  3. Please copy to your website since it is expected that the economic fascists will close down this site.

Timistic Analysis

For the Primary Moral Imperative, it is important to note the role of Timism, the Morality of More Time, in analyzing the problem and proposing the solution. Time is the thread in the fabric of life. When one can convert archaic discipline-dependent vocabulary into a universal, heuristic language, one can solve more problems.

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