161209 Between the death of Gwen Ifill and this writer being a victim of the V.A. Gulag and CrowJimism, this reform effort failed to meet its needed deadlines. This page is kept as a historical footnote in the failure to achieve the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate change. Needed is better democacy and capitalism which this Dream Team would have made more likely than Trump or Clinton. C'est la vie. As Ron Zigler would say, the Dream Team is "inoperative."

Note, November 14, 2016: Gwen Ifill died yesterday. She was to be the lead member of Dream Team as the first Presidential Head of State. With her death, the females of the Dream Team were proposed as the Head of State. Key to the Dream Team is Micheal Bloomberg as the Presidential Head of Government per the proposed constitutional change of an annual Presidential succession rather than a quadrennial Presidential earthquake. Timists--The Party of More Time--is dedicated to her.

Dump the Trump

Presidential Dream Team 2016
Of National Unity

Vote the Timist aWrite-Ins

Timism offers a Presidential Dream Team as a write-in alternative to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Timism regrets it took so long to formulate the progamming (Homesteading) to offer this alternative. The Dream Team consists of  drafted individuals to fulfill the proposed Presidential Structure of the Timism Constitutional Amendment. This structure consists of five levels (with the 2016 drafted candidates):

[161125: The following is the pre-Gwen Ifill death. The logic remains with a change in names.]

Write-In Presidential Ticket

  1. Presidential Head of State (Gwen Ifill)

  2. Presidential Head of Government (Michael Bloomberg)

    White House Staff, Presidential Succession

  3. Vice-President of Government (Nikki Haley)

  4. Vice-President of Communication (John Kasick)

  5. Vice-President of Legislative Liaison (Elizabeth Warren)

Integral to this structure is how each person serves a year in the position, moving up when the Head of State completes their one-year term with residency in the White House. The bottom slot if filled each year using regional primaries with brainbees. Primaries with no publicity begin July 4 with the regional finalist determined by Labor Day. Public debates will follow as well as why the regional candidates are not qualified using "find the dirt" brainbees.

It is important to realize that this process compared to our present gang-bang, election-year jerks in the economy is like the difference between your car having a one-speed transmission and a five-speed transmission. One transmission is smoother and more economical than the other. Each new member of the Presidential ladder gains experience in each key area before becoming the HOG as a prelude to the pleasures of the HOS in the White House. This is quite different from the chaos of over 4,000 administrative positions being turned over in a few weeks.

The Presidential Reform article of the proposed Timism Constitutional Amendment is matched in electing Legislators: 22 per month with no outside money versus 435 Congressmen and 33 Senators on one-day.

Please signup at 24in4.com so you can help build better democracy and better capitalism. When you vote, please write in Gwen Ifill for President and Michael Bloomberg for Vice-President.

Why a Dream Team?

  1. Positive, not negative careers.

  2. Heavy Administrative experience, private and public

  3. Three women and two men with the Women 50/50 flipflop

Initial Sequence of Timists Presidents and Vice-Presidents
2017 Ifill Bloomberg Haley Kasich Warren Male2017
2018 Bloomberg Haley Kasich Warren Male2017 Female2018
2019 Haley Kasich Warren Male2017 Female2018 Male2019
2020 Kasich Warren Male2017 Female2018 Male2019 Female2020
2021 Warren Male2017 Female2018 Male2019 Female2020 Male2021

Regardless of whether the Dream Team becomes a reality, there is one thing that all but Gwen Ifill can do: Publish the following essays in a daily newspaper. In this Presidential election of negative personalities and negative advertising, the major issues are not being addressed or discussed. They are as follow:

  1. The Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate change. People would realize that climate change is synergistically accelerating if they read CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule.
  2. We cannot save life on earth if we cannot save the American Middle-Class from sliding into the collapse and chaos. What is the financial reason for the decline? 401ks: The Biggest Bank Robbery in History.
  3. A Master Plan is provided with the pre-amble being "24in4: Share Job Time or Jobless Time" which are the steps to saving humanity and planet earth.

Not only will the publishing costs be repaid but the initiatior will receive a percentage of the gross receipts from this investment for informing the voters--see Timism Cashflow. First come, first reward: 10% of receipts that will be in double- or triple-digit millions. Additional, smaller royalties are for the first publication in a state or congressional district.