Benefits of Timism for an Institution of Higher Learning

Cashflow from Brainbees and Votetime

  1. TOE
    1. International center of new, unifying paradigm
  2. Morality of More Time
    1. Personal Democracy
    2. Youth Wisdom Forums
  3. Political Reformation
    1. Brainbees
    2. Super-Brainbee
    3. Citizen Legislation
    4. Zero-Cost Primaries
    5. VoteTime
  4. Economic Evolution
    1. Lifehours: A new, functional currency that transcends the boundaries of politics and centuries.
    2. Kill Decapitalism
  5. Mentality:
    1. PTSD: Better understanding and treatment
    2. Alpha Trifecta:
  6. Metabolism:
    1. More disease control. However, should not be implemented
  7. Physics:
    1. Linear speed of light is epiphenomenon of rotational speed and precession angle of smallest particle.
    2. No dark matter/energy
    3. Yang-Mills paradox resolved: Why 3 pennies and 3 pennies and 4 pennies is worth $9.82.
    4. Gravity explained
    5. Simple model to explain and unite the standard models where E=MCC is E=hf.

Respect exists when one is able and willing to inspect and re-inspect the respectable.