Lifehour Endowment Fund of Timists:

The Party of More Time

The self-expansion of Timism as a force in public policy-making involves utilizing public universities at the state and district (Congressional) level via the 24in4 signups. A university can claim state's software royalty and rights which includes a monopoly on homesteading public offices, a monopoly which yields the homesteader $30k to $200k in future tax payment and loan payments.

This is part of Timism's big picture which calls for creating better democracy and capitalism. Using the tools of timism (brainbees, votetime and lifehours), we can quickly achieve what is needed to reverse climate change, that is, full the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from global warming.

The steps  of salvation involve the simple truth of "Share Job Time or Jobless Crime." The initial plan is 24in4 by which we refinance loans with profit-sharing payback and by taking healthcare costs out of the business equation. The results? By employing our human potential we can have 24-hour workweek in 4 years with more funds and fun for self, family and community in a safer, saner world.

Will the average voter per support refinancing loans to cut living costs by eight-hours each week? Would the average citizen prefer to work eight hours on a regular job for healthcare or a part-time community job for eight hours?