Profit-Sharing of 24in4 Income

24in4 and Timism will develop an increasing cash flow from the following.

  1. Jobtime: 1% of all job hiring wages
  2. VoteTime: 15 cents for each vote
  3. Supporter Fees--Dutch Auction. after operating expenses

Profit-Sharing basis (Timism essay):

  1. National First university to sponsor 25000 25%
  2. States 10,000 25%
  3. District: 5,000 50%

This echos 24in4/Timism profit-sharing taxation.

The university funds are divided between two departments:

  1. the mass communication/journalism and
  2. information systems for scholarships.

Half of the mass comm must go for investigative journalism scholarships for junior and senior years in honor of David Manning White.

Please note that the rights are limited to public university and colleges. Private schools students and staff can signup but cannot receive the rights nor the pay.

See Timism Management Team--100 plus jobs for the National Rights holder