We cannot reverse climate decline if every day more people
are like refugees, worried about the next drink and meal:
Let us stop our existential meltdown, now.


Motto: Share Job Time or Jobless Crime

Meaning: By better employing our time, we can have a 24-hour workweek in 4 years with more disposable funds and fun for self, family, and community in a safer, saner world.

January, 2020, Ephiphany:  Beyond social justice, the main reason for mandating a shorter workweek is found in the answer to who is a greater CO2 sinner against Mother Nature, that is, who is accelerating climate hell.

  1. The job idiot working 80 hours per week to buy a bigger house, bigger car, Peloton bikes, etc.,
  2. The jobless, homeless person living in a tent?

To save life on Planet Earth--the Primary Moral Imperative--requires a new morality based on people giving up materialism for mentalism. Focusing on corporation change are blind alleys compared to individual changes in daily life choices. 

The Global Warming Test:
Grow the economy till we die.
Slow it so we live.

  1. Beyond the optimal workweek length (and thru taxes, inflation, deficits and crime) you are not working for yourself but for those who cannot find work. Fools and their time are soon parted like dogs wasting their time chasing their tails.
  2. 2-Step Plan to 24in4:
    1. Establish part-time, problem-solving community service jobs for healthcare cost. Take healthcare costs out of the business bottom line.

    2. One-time, zero-interest refinancing of loans with profit-sharing payback--See Refinance 13. Convert interest savings into shorter workweek thus creating an employment vacuum to employ the unemployed, under-employed and mis-employed.

  3. The average person works 8 hours a week to pay direct or indirect interest on loans. That is over 400 workhours a year.
    1. If a student, would you pay $10 to refinance your loans.
    2. If an employee, would you pay one hour of wages to save 400 hours of wages a year.
    3. If an employer, would you pay one hour of your employees' average hourly wage to refinance your loans?
    4. Please note that the first 1,000,000 people can sign up for free!
    5. What percentage of the middle-class employees and employers do you think would pay one hour of wages for a one-time refinancing of all their loans to zero-interest?
  4. Share Job Time or Jobless Crime: A catch!
    1. If 24in4 loan refinancing lowers your cost of living by eight hours, would you be willing to work less?
    2. By translating the interest costs savings into a reduced workweek, we create a 20% employment need.
    3. We can pull people onto and up the work/career ladder thus reducing our tax costs as well as inflation, insurance and crime rates!
    4. An irony: When one works beyond 24 hours, one is not working for oneself but to support the jobless, i.e., unemployed, under-employed and mis-employed. Let them work for themselves!

      The 1930s Depression peak of 25% unemployment would never have happened if the workweek had been shortened so that we had full employment at 30 hours per week. Importantly, by exporting this better capitalism to Europe, the unemployment crisis driving the rise of fascism would not have happened. The European Second World War would probably have not happened with its great suffering and loss of life. If you want to reduce the chances of the current rise in radical right-wing fascism, here and abroad, act to reduce the workweek. The probabilty of WWIII is greater with each uptick in unemployment, under-employment and mis-employment.

  5. Healthcare via community service:
    1. Healthcare costs are almost 20% of the GDP, or, again, almost 8 hours of labor in a 40-workweek.
    2. We need to take the healthcare costs out of the business equation (which discriminates against female and elderly workers) by having people commit to part-time community service six to eight hours per week.
    3. As is, with the Affordable Care Act, the tax-payers get nothing but fatter, unhealthier tax-dependees. People who would not take care of themselves without healthcare have been shown to take even less care when they are given free healthcare. Exceptions to this rule are publicized all the time, but it does not change the rule.
  6. If you want 24in4, you want to sign up as many people as possible for five lifehours credits per sponsored account (lifehour rewards decrease with increased membership).
    1. After 1,000,000 member, you will be able to trade them with businesses that support 24in4.
    2. After 3,000,000 you will be able auction them for cash.
    3. When 24in4 becomes the law, you will be able to use them to pay your taxes and loans.
      Thus, accumulate lifehour credits now. Lifehours are like frequent flyer miles: The more people have more of them the sooner they have a market value independent of their origin.
    4. The dollar is dying as a problem-solving tool. We need a new honest, functional currency--the Lifehour.
  7. Homesteading: If you sign-up ten active supporters, you can homestead a political office receiving the salary in lifehour credits, e.g., about 8,000 for a US Congressman.
  8. It is estimated that it will cost $13-$15 billion in lifehour credits to buyout the habitual politicians--see LBO/IPO. The resulting better government will save trillions, e.g, switching healthcare costs to community service will annually reduce taxation needs by $1.5 trillion. Service providing government units will have lower tax needs as volunteers commit to solving community problems.
  9. Primary Moral Imperative of Saving Life on Earth from climate change. If we do not save the middle-class by implementing better democracy, capitalism, economics and morality, we will all die as we fight more and more over less and less like the former middle-class citizens of the Mideast and Africa who are now non-productive, hungry, angry migrant refugees.

24in4 is a mirror of Wall Street creating a new corporation with shares being allocated to originators and initiators. 24in4 will have an LBO/IPO when sufficient legislators dedicated to 24in4 are elected a majority in the US Congress. The process and means are simple. All it takes is enough people giving the time it takes to signup as a supporter (for free or one wagehour) and then vote in the general election for the 24in4 candidates (most of which will be homesteaders).

(see Warnings and Encouragements)

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  1. Career Options:

  2. Reverse economy becoming Master-Slave with no middle class.

  3. Reverse shortage of affordable housing.

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