Keep the following in mind: How many middle-class workers will pay one-hour wages for a one-time refinancing of all loans to zero-interest. Current interest costs, direct and indirect, are 400 hours per year. This thinker has yet to meet a wage-earner who would not pay one hour of wages as well as work fewer weekly hours equal to weekly savings in interest costs.

24in4: Non-Silicon Valley Start-up Model

The normal start-up model involves hedge funds or private equity lining up loans from banks or pensions which are location where middle-class workers place their savings and retirement money. When the start-up goes public, workers are at the end of the gravy chain as they direcly or indirectly buy the IPO stocks. As described elsewhere, Wall Street IPOs of new or old corporation is an example of how capitalism is a victim of identity theft as it has been metastasized into decapitalism.

Workers have less because of this Silicon Valley start-up model that is part of the biggest bank robbery in history. In 1980, a retiree had almost $300,000 in defined corporate benefits while the top 1% owned 20% of America's wealth. Now (2015), a 65-year-old has almost $100,000 in a roller-coaster 401k which is only $30,000 in 1980 dollars while the top 1% owns more than 65% of America. Did the latter create, transfer or steal more of America? Wall Street uses 401ks, stock options and IPOs to sell the sizzle without the stake.

Start-up of 24in4

As anyone who knows Bob Barnett, he does not care about symbols of wealth but about the basis of the substance of worth. He chooses to live like a baby chicken, i.e., cheap, cheap, cheap. Or, as Gandhi said more elegantly, "Live simple so others can simply live."

Over the decades, he has turned down funds for his software programming as the buyers wanted to eliminate the employee empowerment and ownership features (Managing without Managers ... AESOP: American Employee Stock Ownership Plan). 24in4 is his last effort to ensure his values and thinking from Timism, as coelesced into the scripts of 24in4, are a public trust for capitalism per capita, not decapitalistic wealth for a fewer few.

Beyond the seemingly altruistic attitude of the prior paragraph is the maxim that "Morality without practicality is immoral." In the case of ensuring the middle-class owns Timism, the pragmatic consideration is that without saving the middle-class from decapitalistic destruction, humanity will not be able to solve its common shared problems. In particular, climate change is the elephant in the room, a issue upon which he wrote in 1982 predicting more droughts with downwind flooding based on simple organic chemistry.

Fortunately for Barnett, he is too old to face the physical destruction but will face worsening bodily harm as the numbers of people suffering from climate change turn to crime and terror. From a sense of repaying those who helped him achieve and create Timism, he has a duty. This echos the imperative that from those to whom much is given, much is expected. In addition, there is the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate change, aka, global warming and global dying.

$13 to $15 Billion LBO/IPO

24in4 uses an accounting measure called a lifehour to reward those who help launch 24in4 to a level sufficient to effectively Leverage a BuyOut of the habitual politicians who are to blame for the existential meltdown of all of our problem-solving institutions. This LBO is effectively 24in4's IPO where one's accumulated lifehours then become legal tender for paying off loans and taxes. Long before that one will be able to trade lifehour credits for goods and services--see trading lifehours and Dutch Auction.

Lifehour Earning and Accumulation

Lifehours are stock, bonds, IOUs and barterettes all wrapped into one concept. They are earned in the following ways.

Sign-up self and others: One earns five lifehours each person one signs up beginning with onesself.

Homesteading: If one signs up ten(10) accounts, one is eligible to homestead a political office. If first (and meets age/location) requirements, one receives one year of salary in lifehours. One becomes the 24in4 candidate for that office in the next elections.

Brainbees: Brainbees are like spellingbees in which one spells out problem causes and solutions through a hierarchy from local to global. Lifehour credits are earned for each level from which one is elected to re-present one's issue.

  1. Citizen Legislation: Monthly brainbees to submit issues to local, state, national and global policy-makers.

  2. Zero-cost primaries: Public primaries without the wasteful time and money that constitutes unnecessary CO2 sinning against Mother Nature who is returning in kind.

  3. Youth Wisdom Forums: Teenagers defining their problems and how to solve.

  4. Personal Democracy: Personal problems ... a end-user defined Ann Landers.

  5. JobTime: The private-sector parallel of Zero-Cost primaries for businesses to tremendously cut hiring costs. A source of funds for the 24in4 hierarchy.

  6. Super Brainbee: A one-page form that provides primaries and citizen legislation for all nations, states and cities.

  7. July 4, 2016 national primaries using regional primaries.

Protesting/Postering/Speeches/Ads: Supporters will be able to promote 24in4 via different media with lifehour rewards for the time and money.

The 1st university to sign up 50,000 will get the following:

  1. 24in4 Development, Management: The National springboard for managing the development of 24in4--see Management Recruitment

  2. 1,000,000 lifehours bonus for VoteTime and JobTime: Two teams of seven programmers will be initiated for translating VoteTime and JobTime from their original software language to cloud-based functionality. One million lifehours will divided among each team based on their contribution. VoteTime will save the United States the projected cost of the LBO/IPO, that is, save $13 to $15 billion.

  3. Supporters expansion: Several modes are provided for supporters increase awarness of and support for 24in4--Initiators, NewsSeekers, and WebSearchers. Approximately 1,000 students will be given exclusive access to an expansion avenue from which they should acquire enough lifehour credits to pay off the average student loan in 40 hours of work. The work will involve expanding the active number of 24in4 supporters.

  4. VoteTime and JobTime Rights: The national rights the cashflow of VoteTime and JobTime, an annual cashflow greater than seven-figures.

Pre- and Post-IPO lifehour use. Lifehours earned before the LBO/IPO success can be used afterwards including healthcare payments per the community service payment plan. In effect, pre-IPO lifehours constitute working for the community to improve the service of public policy making. Thus, one can use them in lieu of community service after the IPO if one so chooses. Like airline frequent flyer miles, lifehour market value will increase with numbers of lifehour earners and numbers of earned lifehours.


Unlike Silicon Valley start-ups, 24in4 success depends not only dollars but on the end-users who will benefit most.

The benefits overall in order of importance:

  1. Primary Moral Imperative: Save life on earth from global dying.

  2. Better Capitalism: Saving Middle-Class from Wall Street Decapitalists

  3. Better Workweek: Implementing 24in4 for more funds and fun in a safer, saner world.

  4. Better Democracy: Brainbees to tap the intelligence of the citizenry to find the Einstein moment of the day for the benefits of daily democracy.

  5. Better Economics: Replace the dysfunctional, dishonest usury of monetarism with the lifehour, an honest, functional currency that transcends the boundaries nations and centuries.

  6. Better Morality: Share Timism, the Morality of More Time.