Poster (Incomplete)

To not actively support 24in4 is to condemn yourself to two or three near-minimum wage jobs with no benefits and no security in a world less safe with probable civil war that will kill many friends if not you.

lifehour value for ipo/lbo

Regressive bonus

Help create a new social media.
Earn enough lifehour stock options to pay off loans.

Wanted Students to form 24in4 political party.
Vote for your university


Wanted 50 Vets to be State Election Resource Persons to guide 24in4 candidates in meeting ballot or write-in requirements. 1000 lifehour credits (~$26k) plus 100 credits (~$2600) per Senate/House district.

See for\Functions\USStDDLists\USStDdd.htm for resource tool. Great for resume.


24in4: By better employing our human potential,  we can have a 24-hour workweek in 4 years  with more disposable funds and fun for self, family, and community in a safer, saner world.

3-Step Plan to 24in4:

  1. One-time zero-interest refinancing of loans with profit-sharing payback? See Refinance 13.

  2. Share Job Time or Jobless Crime: Convert interest savings into shorter workweek thus creating an employment vacuum to employ the unemployed, under-employed and mis-employed.

  3. Establish part-time community service jobs for healthcare cost. Take healthcare costs out of business bottom line.

  4. Paid for

Spring Break: Pay off your College Loans by Creating 24in4

  1. Earn enough lifehour tax credits to pay off your student loan.

  2. Create a new honest, functional, non-inflationary currency system

  3. Create a new mentality and morality that free time is more important than more funny numbers on funny paper.

  4. Create job opportunities on career ladders to avoid two or three benefitless part-time jobs.

  5. To not help create 24in4 is continue the policies that

    1. have 95% of 2015 graduates depending on parents for partial or full support, and,

    2. in 1990 had 50% of graduates detined to never have a career job in their degreed field.

  6. Remember 24in4: By better ...

  7. Visit for a free membership.

  8. Paid for

Wanted Students to form a 24in4 club.

Benefits to university if enough students actively support 24in4.