Warnings and Encouragements to Support 24in4

  1. If all the college students, parents, etc. signup and support timism homesteaders, we can change the future in a peaceful way to avoid a Syrian meltdown and destruction of the US ... your future.
  2. Primary Moral Imperative: The goal is to save life on earth from climate change by implementing better democracy, capitalism and morality by reversing political despotism and economic decapitalism with brainbees and lifehours via 24in4.
  3. Loan Victims: Let us organize as middle-class workers to do what the rich do, that is, refinance our debts and assets via a new quasi-government agency.
  4. Want a guaranteed career job? Signup for 24in4. It's free till 1,000,000 members.
  5. Want guaranteed healthcare for community service? Demand 24in4.
  6. With 24in4, grads can work in career fields. Of 1990 college grads, 50% never worked in their career field for which they studied and borrowed for four years. Many are baristas, aka, hamburger helpers. Of 2014 grads, 90% depend on parents for part or all of living expenses, i.e., boomerang babies. In 2015, both percentages are worse. And, your loans are re-set to zero interest (if you are one of the first one million supporters).
  7. To not actively support 24in4 is to condemn yourself to two or three near-minimum wage jobs with no benefits and no security in a world less safe with probable civil war that will kill many friends if not you.
  8. When politicians legislate good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite and polished without police.