JobTime: Brainbees to improve job hiring at a lower cost.

JobTime uses brainbees in the job hiring process whereby the applicants appraise and prioritize the best qualified with the hiring firm receiving a list of applicants ranked by the applicants. This is like the use of brainbees in the public primary process. In the process, applicants become more educated as to the qualities and skills viewed as needed. JobTime will save companies a tremendous amount of money. Jobtime will do to the hiring process what computers did to bookkeeping and accounting.

Companies use Jobtime by buying a jobtime brainbee for the cost of one wagehour for the position. The company advertises the job code to applicants. The company pays 1% of the annual wages to 24in4/Timism when the submission date has passed regardless of whether they do  or do not hire an applicant. They can hire more than one at 1% per hiree. This one percent fee is far less than the 12% that headhunters normally charge.

The JobTime fees are divided among the District, State and National rights holders like real estate sales commissions. The average fee will be about $500.

  1. If the job location and job winner are of the same congressional District then the district  universities receive the total $500.
  2. If two state districts are involved then the fee is divided three ways between the state and the districts institutions, or, $167 each.
  3. If two states are involved then the fee is divided 5 ways: two districts, two states and one national share, or $100 each.
    [2016 March 14 calculation]

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