Self-Similar: Democracy and Brain
Brainbees are not a flash-in-the-pan, last-minute, bill-of-sale without product substance. Since the first brainbees were tested successfully in 1989 on touch-tone phones this inquisitive soul has had almost 30 years to marinate various public and private applications of brainbees.

The brainbees of Timism echo the origin and meaning of democracy, that is, demos cratia. It is misleading and incomplete to say democracy means "people rule." More fully, it was and is the "divisioning of people" to rule (and work) as reflected in the Cradle of Democracy, Greece: Demes, Demearchs, etc. Demos has semantic cousins reflecting the divisioning, e.g., demographics or demolish. In organizing people into groups of seven to peer-review a winning presenter--who will re-present at the next brainbee level--brainbees are true re-presentative democracy, literally and figuratively.

Brainbees are appropiately named. They are self-similar to how the brain is balancing a peer-review of the senses to prioritize the primary concern to be addressed. Timism's brainbees leverage and magnify human potential. They are the superhighway to government of, by, and for the people.