Snowflake simplicity for human complexity.

On-Line Brain Bees in Principle and Form have Snowflake Simplicity
from which an infinite number of variations are possible. 

With each visit to a new forum, you should be struck by how a single form
provides a universal key to efficiently and effectively unlock most, if all not all,
problems hidden by poor policy-making in public and private enterprises.

Solutions are simple until the habitual politicians introduce
the complexity of getting something for nothing
to reward their campaign workers.

Complexity: America's Chaotic Garbage Dump Laws

Without campaign financing reform and term limits,
Americans will have less as the habitual politicians
give more of America away to get re-elected.
Between 1980 and 1990, the wealthiest 1%
of Americans went from owning 20% to 40%
of America's wealth. How did they do it?
They bought a re-election addicted
habitual politician for pennies
on tax-benefitted dollars.
The only thing worse
than not voting
is voting for
a habitual





The above varieties of snowflakes are from Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley of Vermont, see

For information on why snowflakes form differently, see Temperature, humidity shape snow crystals.

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