Heros of Democracy

Throughout history there have been people(s) who have championed democracy in different ways. Some have had a great influence on this promoter of better democracy via on-line spelling bees. While limited initial resources preclude establishing global democracy for all nation, some nations received Startup brain bees in honor of these heros of the writer. This alphabetial list is more personal rather than a universal review or ranking. Some are a group. Some are a spirit. The links explain why theses heros were chosen.
Hero Country Summary
King Juan Carlos Spain Right over might: When offered absolute monarchy by coup leader, he said Spain needed democracy to solve its problems.
Cincinnatus Italy Lead when you can lead.
Cradle of
Greece "divisions of people" "work"
Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Argentina** Desaparecido: Wrong is wrong.
Farmers/Peasants Mexico All have a right to pursue happiness.
Mohandas K. Gandhi India Put aside differences to solve common problems.
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Turkey* Secular Democracy
Amir Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa Bahrain An Enlightened Leader Increasing Democracy within a Constitutional Monarchy
Martin Luther King(s) U.S. Democracy is color-blind.
Abraham Lincoln U.S. The human personification of democracy, the champion par excellence
Nelson Mandela South Africa Better to die alone for democracy than aid and abet depotism--a super hero!
Meiji Japan Broad democracy better than autocracy. (Overview)
Rosa Parks U.S. A simple soul can standup for democracy by sitting down.
Soldiers Australia &
New Zealand
When their distant isolation gave them security, these blokes shed their blood for democracy.
Solidarity Movement Poland Non-working can work for better democracy.
George Washington U.S. Toiled endlessly for democracy when he did not have to toil.

With these heros who risked or lost their lives for the democratic rule, how can one not sacrifice for better democracy?

Potential Heros of Democracy: Brain Bees are the Key
(This was written in the early 2000's)
Defendent Country Summary
Hugo Chavez Venezuela* A president who needs a good plan for his good goals.
Libya What's left when you are dead? Civil War?
Vladimir Putin Russia*,** The brains, personality and charisma to be Peter Romanov or Iosif Dzhugashvilli. If the Soviet Union had brainbees the US might not have won the cold war.

Enemies of Democracy

Robert Mugabe Republic of Zimbabwe
Saparmurat Niyazov Turkmenistan
Kim Chong-il Democratic People's Republic of  Korea

*The political future of humanity--independent of global drying and existential meltdown--is on the line in these counties.

**The issue of capitalism versus decapitalism is acute in Argentina, Cuba and Russia.


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