Tax the Untaxed

The simplest way for the average person to lower his taxes is to get the non-average person to pay his fair share. After many generations of habitual politicians buying re-elections with tax favors, whence our chaotic garbage dump tax code, there are many people not paying their fair share. On a monthly basis, we should have seven proposals from the citizenry selected by on-line democracy to repeal existing tax breaks. The path to total tax exemptions for all people is the road to civil hell. The best journey to tax freedom is back up the road. Tell more and more people to carry their own load of social and economic stability rather than burdening the back of the average, hard-working Joe and Jill. The winners of this contest should get a 1%, 5%, or 10% finders fee of the tax savings they discover. (How to discover these unfair tax breaks? Look at the riders on Congressional Appropriation Bills.)

A Tax Repeal Authoriy is being established using Global Democracy. Monthly brain bees will be held for tax repeal. The list of repeals will be retroactive when a Congress of non-habitual politicians populate Capital Hill. These tax repeals will be a prelude to tax reform and simplification.

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