A Gold Plan for A Silver Land

24-Karats for 24 Provinces

"The one thing everyone agrees on, however, is that there is no easy fix." 020806
Wrong. Better Democracy and Capitalism can create real hope and reversal in 30 days.

Quite simply, if Argentines are not willing to believe in and invest in themselves through an on-line accounting of their time in solving problems, then Argenitina is hopeless.

Argentina was once an idyllic land, a first-ranked country not only in South America (Latin America's wealthiest country) but in the world (richer than France). Buenos Aires was called the Paris of South America. "At the turn of the last century, its economy was comparable to that of the United States."

Argentina was a magnet for bright, motivated people seeking a new life in a new world. "My grandparents came from Spain to build a better life in a prosperous country, and now, what is left? Corrupt politicians! Bankrupt governments! Greedy foreign banks!" 011109  The silver shine mirrored the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Argentina's economic and political landscape looks increasingly like the tailings of coal strip mining  

The disappearance of promise and hope has not been due to a lack of potential or resources. Argentina currently produces more farm products than it needs: "Argentina will produce this year almost 100 million tons of food, enough to feed its own population of 37 million plus the U.S. population" 020508.  But, its people are starving: "Severe hunger and malnutrition have emerged in the rural interior -- something almost never seen in a country famous for great slabs of beef and undulating fields of wheat" 020806. The increasing country-wide reports of malnourished children are like exploding volcanos with no seeming end to the vents of magma devastating the near and distant landscape.

In the 1980's, Argentina had the "disappeared ones", children from the middle class vanishing without trace. Today, it is worse, for the whole middle class is disappearing. Today, half of the people live below the poverty line (May, 2002). What went wrong? Some blame Argentine arrogance . More correct, like all collapsed cultures, Argentina's cancer metastasized from within its vital organs--government, u nions and business. The competition between the latter two to use the former as manna from heaven famished the future of Argentina. The corrupt political system allowed some segments to consumed more of the wealth than was produced by those segments. Argentina sunk under the Peronist welfared and Rightist Wealthfared.

Fortunately, a silver bullet exists for the tarnished silver land that can create a golden future. The following poll provides guidance to what is possible in election, currency, employment and tax reform. These are the means by which Argentines can avoided a meaner future. If Argentina's misled musicians can focused on the honesty and responsibility of better democracy and capitalism, Argentina not only can recapture its lost  rhythm but lead the world in composing a new symphony of sanity and peace. Timism provides a new golden flute for Argentines to play a new tune.

Upon the actions of the Argentine people rests the immediacy of better democracy and capitalism: The economic crisis in Argentine represents a pivotal point for humanity to pull back from the brink. If Argentine does not take advantage of on-line democracy then civilization will ratchet down another notch toward chaos. While the ensuring chaos of Argentine will be deplorable, it will be a receding sideshow to the main stage of human decline--existential meltdown. Should some other people utilize on-line democracy and capitalism to pull humanity back from the brink, Argentines will play a follow-up rather than leading role. The Argentine nation has been given the biggest economic lemon of any developed nation. Whether or not it makes le monade is a question that history will judge.

The following poll is to be completed using your national ID, residence or interest. Lifehour credit is in the currency of the nation. The links contain instructions and explanations. Click on the reforms you support.

What individual Argentines can do for the Gold Plan

    1. Individuals and Organizations promote BDC
    2. CEO election: When seven national PBDC CEOs.
    3. Post-CEO: Sub-national deme and other BBs
    4. Visit Mall of Humanity in Twin Cities for equipment and training.
    5. Signup people
    6. Media ... newspapers.
  1. What you can do: Sign up friends ... Signup businesses (secondary /tertiary bonus) and get them to observe worksharing and partial lifehour payments. ... brain bee for Argentines ... daily???
  2. Record volunteer time
  3. TTD: Habitual Politicians: Don't waste your time with current politicians. Don't protest in streets. Don't fight police. Put your time into better democracy and capitalism by recruiting accounts for which you will get paid, participating in brain bees to tap your intelligence and acting in a role. Patrol neighborhood. ... link.

Notes ... Summary Review

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