GEICO Caveman

The GEICO commercials have been produced by the Martin Agency in Richmond, Virginia. It is located next to one of my favorite coffee shop stops when I shop-hop. On more than one occassion I have engaged in conversation with employees of the Martin Agency on various topics. One time, I raised the topic of the Existential Meltdown to describe the declining conditions of the world in which we live. Imagine my surprise when a few months later a GEICO commercial had the caveman complaining to a shrink about GEICO causing him an "existential meltdown." If the originators of this particular commercial have never been in the Shockoe Express coffee shop then it is an amazing coincidence. 'Links From' Pages linking to this page: ( )No IndexDir ... Refs General ... !RefsRvu ... !Dir.nts) InfoLinks (05-22-2015@07:28) Linkstat:LinksFrom2Table
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