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(see webpage) SEMP: Biot #182
  1. What IS the evidence for each of the two theories of the origin of oil?
  2. The fact that coal contains fossils does not prove that it is a fossil fuel; it proves exactly the opposite.
  3. Where then did hopanoids (material from bacterial cell-walls), and other molecules found in oil deposits come from, if they didn’t come from squashed ferns?
  4. How widespread is life based on internal energy sources of the Earth?
  5. it is comparable to all the living mass at the surface
  6. Editor’s Note
2 ------ htm (see webpage) Acid Rain 1955 [Uploaded 071111
  1. [Reviewed]
3 ------ htm (see webpage) Acid Rain: 1955 vs. 1980 [Uploaded 071111
  1. [Reviewed]
4 ------ htm (see webpage) Acid Rain, Eastern US, 1980 [Uploaded 071111
  1. [Reviewed]
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(see webpage) Global CO2 Emissions 1997
  1. [reviewed]
6 ------ jpg Hole In Cloud03172003brmodis1km
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CNN Colorado Fire020612 C N N
8 040430 htm USAToday Contrails Planes Global Warming
  1. Contrails, the thin, white clouds that planes leave behind in the sky, are responsible for a portion of the warming recorded in the USA from 1975 to 1994
9 060609 htm
USAToday Cloud Satellite Sees Inside Clouds
  1. "It can answer the question 'Why is it dry here and not dry somewhere else?' "
10 061128 htm
USAToday Doubling Of Emissions Since1990s
  1. The rate at which humans are pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere has more than doubled since the 1990s
  2. 7.85 billion tons of carbon passed into the atmosphere last year, compared to 6.67 billion tons in 2000.
  3. carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached 379.1 parts per million in 2005, more than 35% higher than in the late 18th century.
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UsaToday Clouds A Puzzle Factor In U N
  1. But cloud formation in the 21st century — hard enough for weather forecasters to predict for tomorrow — is among the remaining puzzles.
  2. More snows could also offset any thaw of the vast Antarctic ice cap and the smaller cap on Greenland. If both melted over thousands of years world sea levels would be aboutaround 215 feet higher than today.
12 071213 htm
RTD Success is in the CLOUDS
  1. bright wisps that form 50 miles above ground in the mesosphere, the uppermost reach of the atmosphere.
  2. "These clouds are changing in ways we don't understand,"
  3. The clouds consist of ice crystals formed when water vapor condenses onto dust particles at temperatures between 210 and 235 degrees.
  4. Noctilucent clouds typically form over the cold, dry polar regions but have been migrating to lower latitudes in the past three decades
13 080101 htm
NYT Oil in North Dakota Brings Job Boom and Burdens - New York Times
  1. The glow of flares — natural gas burning off — warmed the air and dotted the landscape.
14 080108 htm
USAToday Transportation Effects On Global Warming
  1. A new study released Monday reports that 15% of the manmade carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Earth's atmosphere comes from cars, trucks, airplanes, trains, and ships. This is the first study to specifically measure the impact of transportation on global greenhouse gas emissions.
15 080325 htm
NYT Global Warming - Climate Change - Nudge - New York Times
  1. [Reviewed]
16 090803 htm
WashPost Turbulence Injures 26 on Flight, Diverted to Miami
  1. [Reviewed]
17 091014 jpg
NYT Irag Burn Off Gas091014 N Y T
18 091216 htm
NYT Using a NASA Weather Device to Track Greenhouse Gases -
  1. The data also verified a mechanism in which rising temperatures increase the rate of ocean evaporation, and the increased water vapor, also a potent greenhouse gas, raises the earth’s temperatures further.
  2. revealed levels of carbon dioxide, methane, ozone and other gases in the midtroposphere — the atmosphere between 3 and 7 miles above the earth’s surface.
  3. Carbon dioxide does not mix evenly in the troposphere, the scientists said. This allows them to track movement of the gas to see where it ends up, and predict whether oceans can continue to absorb much of it.
  4. Levels of carbon dioxide in the air are currently approaching 390 parts per million, up from roughly 280 in the preindustrial age.
  5. But the carbon dioxide itself only accounts for about a third of the increased trapping of heat on earth.
19 100420 htm
BBC BBC News - Iceland volcano not in big league, say experts
  1. Volcanoes produce tiny particles - aerosols - which have a net cooling effect on the world because they reflect solar energy back into space.
  2. They also produce carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.
  3. Historically, the cooling has outweighed the warming. The 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in The Philippines lowered global temperatures by about 0.4-0.5C - but Eyjafjallajokull, dramatic as it looks, is simply not in that league
  4. "That's a lot in five days; but Pinatubo ejected 10 cubic kilometres - that's 100 times as much.
  5. If material reaches the stratosphere, it can remain aloft for several years; but if it stays in the troposphere, the lowest layer, it tends to come back to Earth in days or weeks.
  6. "That's high enough to affect aviation but is unlikely to be high enough to have a strong effect on the climate system."
  7. They found Fimmvorduhals was producing about 20-25,000 tonnes of CO2 each day
  8. And even over that peak period, its daily CO2 output was only about one-thousandth of that produced by the sum total of humanity's fossil fuel burning, deforestation, agriculture and everything else.
  9. In fact, the extra CO2 produced from the volcano is probably less than the volume "saved" by having Europe's aeroplanes grounded.
  10. When US authorities banned flying following 9/11, the temperature difference between night and day over the continental US increased by at least 1C.
  11. Jet contrails were effectively acting as cirrus clouds, researchers concluded - reflecting solar energy in the day, acting as a blanket by night.

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