Hydrocarbons vs. Carbohydrate

Most people don't realize how chemically similar food and oil are.

  1. Both have carbon backbones with hydrogen ribs.
  2. Both are oxidized to release energy which stops the molecule's existence yielding the offsprings of water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2).
  3. Both have a source in the photo activity of the sun. The first is called a carbohydrate, and the other is called a hydrocarbon. (The difference is hydroxyl tail that changes biochemical properties.)
  4. While hydrocarbons (coal and oil) are not readily digestible, carbonhydrates will readily burn, e.g., wheat fields and dead bodies.
  5. Both can be quite explosive, natural gas and wheat dust.
  6. The intracellular slow burn of carbohydrates is akin to the slow burn of a big paraffin candle.
  7. The oxidizing of either yeilds time to the oxidizing source.