If you have enough water to raise one seed,
what happens when you plant ten seeds?
You get no harvest.

What happens if you can afford two kids but have more? You get starving kids.
What happens if the world can afford 2 billion people but you have 6? You get war.

Kids Starving: A Masochist's Water Torture

In 1992, this writer had the following letter published. While some words were changed by the editor to make it more biting ("let them die" became "let the children die"), the conclusive sentiment and common sense remain. Today, 2002, a decade later, more kids are starving and suffering because the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Help that does not help the helpless to help themselves is not help.

If you are sadistic and admire Chinese water torture then feed the starving in an irresponsible way. Help them to breed a larger population of starving children out of which a few will survive to travel to your land to terrorize the lives of you and your loved ones. In the triage to save humanity, a great sadness must be confronted. The only way to avoid unbearable suffering is to make bearable sacrifices. In a world of too many mouths to feed and wombs that breed, why are politicians using taxes to increase the population? Why are "Green" miracles pursued that yield the grey mass of collapsed skyscrapers?

RTD 921212

Irresponsibly feeding kids--Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation--means more starving kids. O, if they survive, childbrides and young whores--Poor Afghans Sell Pre-Teen Daughters:

"When the two were just toddlers, their father needed money to pay off his debts and, seeing no other source of funds, he sold his daughters to wealthy opium poppy growers who wanted brides for their sons .... 'I am a poor man, and this is how I can feed my large family,' said their father, Sharafudin, himself a small-time poppy farmer who moved his family to Kandahar several years ago to escape other debt collectors. He said he knew it was wrong to sell the girls -- that some mullahs in his village had advised against it -- but that he didn't regret it .... 'What else could I do?" he asked with a shrug. Then he added, "Many others are doing the same thing.'"

Or, consider the unspoken truth that most African feeds themselves well but not their children:  "Alas, there are several good reasons not to help starving Africans." 030520

  1. What breaks your heart is the sight of healthy parents cradling skeletal children.
  2. "The man eats first, and then the children and the wife eat together,"

Yes, the roads to hell are paved with good intentions, but the Gates of hell were built with theft and falsehood--see MaggotSoft .

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