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USAToday Tenth Of Farmland Destroyed By Floods
  1. North Korea detailed a picture of massive devastation Wednesday from some of the country's heaviest rains that official media said wiped out more than a 10th of the impoverished country's farmland during peak planting season
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AFP More Than A Million Affected By Floods Mexico
  1. the worst floods on record in Mexico's southern Tabasco state
  2. The oil-rich state the size of Belgium is 80 percent underwater, and 850 towns have been flooded,
  3. "One hundred percent of crops are lost."
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(Appended) The Independent - Print Article ... Source: IndependentNewUK
  1. The Midwest flooding and storms are expected to push US and world food prices higher. Up to five million acres of newly planted crops have been lost at the heart of the world's top grain and food exporter. Prices for corn, cattle and pigs all set records this week owing to the floods, as a world economy already hit by inflation from rising energy prices absorbed the blow.
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WashPost Wheat Harvest in Region Hurt by Excessive Rain
  1. The frequent downpours of rain from May into late June -- and the cool and overcast conditions that followed -- drenched the region's grain crops, leaving them susceptible to damaging fungi
  2. The fungi, known as vomitoxins, thrived in the dampness and spread across the region. Grain farmers from Maryland to North Carolina reported crops with too high a fungi count to be sold for flour -- the market in which they could make the most money -- and, in some cases, too high to be used for animal feed, which farmers sell at a heavily discounted rate.
  3. the vomitoxin was an unexpected problem that he had never experienced as a wheat farmer.

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