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1 020917 htm AuBC Record prices for wheat
  1. The pool price for wheat has surged to record levels overnight, as local farmers struggle to strip a crop and their counterparts in Canada and the US face shrinking stocks.
2 021125 htm
RTD Wheat Prices Up If
  1. Wheat production in the United States is down for the fourth year; worldwide, it's down for the fifth year.
3 070815 htm
McClatchy Prices for key foods are rising sharply
  1. The Labor Department's most recent inflation data showed that U.S. food prices rose by 4.2 percent for the 12 months ending in July, but a deeper look at the numbers reveals that the price of milk, eggs and other essentials in the American diet are actually rising by double digits.
  2. But the inflation numbers reveal the extent to which lower- and middle-income Americans are being pinched.
  3. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said in its July inflation report that egg prices are 33.7 percent higher than they were in July 2006. Over the same period, according to the department's consumer price index, whole milk was up 21.1 percent; fresh chicken 8.4 percent; navel oranges 13.6 percent; apples 8.7 percent. Dried beans were up 11.5 percent, and white bread just missed double-digit growth, rising by 8.8 percent
  4. food prices were offset by falling prices for things bought at the mall: computers, cameras, clothing and shoes.
  5. "All of that stuff is going down in price, but prices for gasoline have gotten higher, and food prices have gone up,"
4 080112 htm
NYPost No title found w/scanfile
  1. Food prices are skyrocketing and it's enough to make you gag on your milk. That's because milk costs 29 percent more than it did a year ago, and that's not all: Eggs are up 36 percent, and tomatoes 31 percent.
5 080229 htm
WashPost Soaring Food Prices Putting U.S. Emergency Aid in Peril
  1. USAID officials said that a 41 percent surge in prices for wheat, corn, rice and other cereals over the past six months has generated a $120 million budget shortfall that will force the agency to reduce emergency operations
6 080320 htm
WashPost Inflation Hits the Poor Hardest
  1. Inflation is walloping Americans with low and moderate incomes as the prices of staples have soared far faster than those of luxuries
  2. prices have risen 9.2 percent since 2006 for the groceries, gasoline, health care and other basics that a middle-income American family has little choice but to consume. That would cost such a family, which made $45,000 on average in 2006, an extra $972 per year, assuming it did not buy less of such items because of higher prices
  3. "I go into a store with $6 and, imagine it, it isn't worth anything."
7 706020 htm
BracewellCom bracewell: World Food Shortage: Pushing Interest Rates Up
  1. "Shortages are emerging in places like India, which has become a net importer of wheat for the first time since 1975. We expect China to become an importer of corn by late 2008."

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