Primitive Infestations of Biomass and Foodchain

Evidence shows that the rise in atmospheric CO2 is stimulating the metabolism of older, lower forms of life while harming the catabolism/anabolism of new, higher forms of life, e.g., see Alpha Trifecta and Diseases(More and Meaner) . The CO2 stimulation of primitive plants and animals will have an accelerating debilitation on individual and commercial efforts to grow food. The back-to-earthers and backyard gardeners will find their crops withering and wilting before harvest from the more viral or mutated infestations of plants.

This writer, who expanded his garden to can vegetables to beat food price inflation, found disease wiped out his cucumbers, zucchinis, squash, and melons (as of July 20, 2009) before few or any vegetables could be harvested. Good gardening hygiene had been observed as well as installation of drip irrigation and regular fertlization. During internet research of causes and prevention, disappointing news accounts prompted the question of whether a garden should be planted the next year.

  1. Potato Blight
  2. Tomato Blight

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