El Nino BTU Tax:

How much ... does ... a gallon of gas ... REALLY, really, really ... cost?

According to energy experts, ... the relative cost is less... than before OPEC tripled prices in 1973. But shouldn't the real cost include the environmental damages form burning to much fossil fuel?

If the answer is yes, the pump price is ... merely ...
a down payment on an unending debt.

If the answer is yes, the pump price is ... merely ...
a down payment on an unending debt.

And the debt may have loan shark interest rates.

If the answer is yes, how is this loan collected?
The collecting loan shark ... is a mean little kid, ... El Nino!

People who believe that a hydrogen economy is the solution to pollution is like the person who thinks it is cheaper to pay with a credit card rather than with cash.


My goal is two-fold. One, describe how our massive release of Carbon Dioxide has caused a long-term tax.

The tax? El Nino destruction of property and lives. Two, enlist your support for a self-imposed ... El Nino tax to reduce energy consumption. For every El Nino Tax dollar, there will be a dollar drop in income taxes.


Weather damage.

Four of the hottest years ever recorded have occurred since 1990. Even worse were January and February, 1998, which were not only 5.7 degrees hotter than average but had 50% more rain.

Equally ominous is how the Amazon rain forest which converts 50% of the world's carbon dioxide into oxygen is being destoyed at ... the ... rate ... of ... 50 acres a minute! The immediate problem of rising temperatures is not melting ice caps, but the weather extremes. Records in rainfall and snowfall are falling faster than before. Billion dollar storms. Bice or hurriccan Bare becoming th norm.

Long before rising oceans waves ... make beachfront property out of Goochland, the El Nino storms will blow away the houses out there in New Richmond. California is not the only American locality suffering rain damage from El Nino. Recently, the century-old downtown drain system could not handle an El Nino deluge. The backed up water caused $5000 in damage to my building. And I am a 100 feet above the James River. Our infrastructure ... designed for other times ... is not up to El Nino. The gasoline pump price is merely a downpayment on a long-term debt. Long after that Sunday ride, you are still paying for it.

Oil and Tobacco Companies.

The Green House effect concerns many people ... except...

A. the apologists who make money from oil companies and

B. the politicians who take campaign re-election money from the oil lobby.

I don't think there is much difference between tobacco and oil companies. Both have products that produce... dangerous...gas...emission.

For years, tobacco companies have known about tobacco's nicotine addiction and caner effects. to use the words of Phillip Morris, top researcher, they knew they were in the business of manufacturing a drug delivery vehicles, which killed people. But that is the topic of another speech. The insurance companies know where their actuary tables tell them to bet. They are raising premiums when they are not outright canceling policies for smokers and flood-plainers.

Based on the tobacco companies: example, insurance companies, actions and the Dust Bolw and Subsahara droughts, I bet oil companies have documents proving the Green House effect.

Courses of Action: Kobe, Volunteerism & Tax.

A recent world conference held in Kobe, Japan, called for a reduction in fossil-fuel emissions. If people would voluntarily reduce emissions, there would be no climate changes or Kobe conference.

Volunteerism ... has ... not and will not work. Now, the only solution is a ...lifestyle changing tax.

Questions for humanity and America.
The question for humanity is not ... whether there is going to be an El Nino tax to reduce emission. El Nino and other weather changes already tax us in higher insurance, energy, disease and food costs
The question is ... when is.an El Nino tax in dollars coming so as to end the climatic El Nino tax?
The question for the American people ...who overall represents the best of and best for humanity ...is as follows:
Will we give up our independence and leadership, to people less enlightened and less democratic than us ...
because we won't tax ourselves?

The questions ... more simply stated ... are:

Who is going to exact the dollar tax?

Who is going receive the tax reciepts? Who is going to have the power ... that comes

with being the taxing authority and

with holding the tax purse strings?

Foreign Taxation.

A similar, historical example shows what happens when we let others tax us instead of taxing ourselves. OPEC taxed America in the1070's.

In the early 1970's, gas prices tripled, a 200% rise. Was this a result of increased production costs? no!

Was it a result of American politicians implementing a gas tax to reduce consumption? No. It was a result of foreign countries using their energy monopoly to unilaterally exact a tax on our energy consumption.

As a result of this 200% tax, who benefitted with new schools, roads, hospitals and other public works? The American people? No, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran etc.

Big Question:

In the 1970's, would Americans have been better off if our politicians had voted a pre-emptive energy tax matched with a reduced income tax rate? Yes.

The Mideast countries built more than new schools, hospitals and roads with our moneyIran and Iraq built up military arsenals that have entertained us

with the reality of the Gulf War and
with the threat of biological/nuclear terriorism.

As described later, not only did Americans not tax themselves, but it was our Secretary of State who prodded OPEC countries to raise oil prices.

If the U.S. had implemented a 200% tax then we could have reduced taxes elsewhere As was, we did not have the possible tax substitution, e.g., energy for income, but had an additional tax to existing taxes.

Please stop and think about this. To follow-up on my claim of State Department nefariousness.
Then-Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, was the brain behind oil countries taxing their exports by raising their prices.

1. Kissinger wanted to fund his realpolitiks.

2. Congress balked.

3. Kissinger said to that fellow Megalomaniac, Reza Pahlavi, the self-proclaimed ShahaShah, i.e., king of kings, (kissinger voice) who wanted to be a military power

Shah, Congress won't give you money for your weapons. So, you will habe to get it yourself by raising oil prices.

Folks, this information is available at your library if you want to research the foreign policy decisions. Were it not for Henry, Super K, would there have been the embarrassing Iranian hostage situation and the Gulf War? Would we have dam Saddam. Probably not. American voters failure to get thier politicians to act means the United Nations.will exact the tax.


If you think America's habitual politicians waste tax dollars, the UN's bureaucratic incompetence and corruption wastes even more. As many of you know, I don't like American politicians, but I trust the average non-American politicain even less. What's the next best thing to not being robbed? Choosing a robber you know.

Our crooks have a better sense of democracy and fairness than UN bureaucrats. Not much. But that little difference can keep you alive and out of a gutter if you are rabble rouser like me.


Folks, either we can tax ourselves to address our ignored problems or our ignorance will tax us with unending costly problems. Ignorance is bliss only for true masochists and self-stupidity.

In this case, the ignored problem is the Green House Effect which has raised a family of El Nino problems: floods, icestorms, tornados and diseases.

Does anybody know the name of the rebound phenomenon after El Nino which causes increased, intenser droughts and hurricanes? La Nina. The little girl.

On a personal note of advice, I would not buy a house in the suburbs If you work in the city. It is only a matter of time before we have a gas tax like Europe where gas costs of $5 a gallon are not unusual. More importantly, be honest when you buy gas. Recognize that the pump price is only a downpayment for your addiction to a quick trip.

Like using drugs to trip, our petro use is destroying the body. Only it is not our human body, it is the body of our planet. The problem with both petro and drugs is not the immediate cost but the long-term, more costly damage to the user. If you want to reduce your total energy costs (weather and war), the enlightened thing to do is support an El Nino tax.

With a parallel, matching reduction in the income tax rate, your total, immediate dollar tax will not change. However, your future insurance and food costs will be less. A win-win situation. If we don't tax ourselves to solve our ignored problems, either the problems will continue to tax us or someone else will tax us to end our problematic actions.


America War of Independence was fought primarily over who was going to tax us and
what was going to be done with the tax receipts. Henry Kissinger and the OPEC oil crises shows what happens when we let others tax us instead of taxing ourselves: chaos, war and terrorism.

As with all of Americas other problems, the number one problem is our election laws. As long as politicians vote themselves special laws and privileges because of incumbency, they don't have to live under the same laws that Mother Nature has for the rest of humanity. In a crises, how many of you can life a posh life at the expensive, luxurious Greenbriar resort where Congress created a billion dollar secret, subterranium resort for them as a place of last resort.

Folks, If no election reform or term limits then no energy reform. Are we going to maintain our independence?Are we going to avoid further wars and terrorism funded by our energy dollars?

We can make our world safer and stabler by taxing ourselves to use less petroleum and to reduce other taxes?