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5 030223 htm WashPost Daughter Selling Afghan
  1. Young Girls Sold as Brides By Desperate Afghan Poor
  2. Years of War, Drought Force Some to Give Up Daughters
  3. The young sisters are perky and eager to play. Zarlaska is 10 and listens intently to all that her parents are saying. Nabas Gul, 9, is more shy and hides behind her head scarf.
  4. When the two were just toddlers, their father needed money to pay off his debts and, seeing no other source of funds, he sold his daughters to wealthy opium poppy growers who wanted brides for their sons.
  5. "I am a poor man, and this is how I can feed my large family,"
  6. "What else could I do?" he asked with a shrug. Then he added, "Many others are doing the same thing."
  7. But what was a custom has evolved into a market in which men can buy young girls from poor familie
  8. She found villages where numerous girls aged 8 to 12 were sold, usually for the equivalent of $300 to $800.
  9. She said she personally knew of a 60-year-old man who purchased an 8-year-old girl, who would be his servant until she was old enough to become his third wife.
  10. she treated a girl of about 12 who had been taken as a wife by an important Taliban minister. The girl, Padwasha said, was pregnant.
  11. Away from their parents, Zarlaska and Nabas Gul were asked what they thought about their marriage arrangements. They listened stone-faced, glanced around for help, started to giggle and ran away.
6 030520 htm NYT Starving Kids
  1. What breaks your heart is the sight of healthy parents cradling skeletal children.
  2. "The man eats first, and then the children and the wife eat together,"
  3. The risk of being stomped by hippos was one factor, but another was that carrying water is women's work and tending the fields is men's work, and this cultural impasse left them stymied — and starving.
  4. [women is 2nd class citizens, when you make a donation to starving kids, you are perpetuating sex discrimination against women ... like being against slavery but subsidizing the wages of slave traders--RSB]
  5. Another problem is that food aid solves immediate problems but adds to the underlying one. U.S. gifts of grain save lives — but also lower local food prices. This reduces incentives for farmers and leaves them poorer, and thus arguably more vulnerable in the next famine.
  6. So there are plenty of reasons not to help the 40 million at risk of starvation in Africa. And yet. . . .
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RTD Kids Starving921212 R T D

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