Rolling Blackout Solutions

Should a retiree on a fixed income suffer heatstroke because some people with money burn up electricity wantonly and hop in their cars to travel to air conditioned places? Or, turn on generators to provide self-comfort?

Why should small companies suffer significant loss of income because people will not take the time or consideration to proportion their electrical use during an energy crises?

There is a simple solution and the technology is here:

Intelligent breakers or meters with variable amperage
controlled by the power companies
through the power lines.

When there are power shortages, a signal sets all mains to a percentage of maximum amperage. Users who don't adjust power consumption have their power turned off for a period time. Electricity conservators should not suffer in mass for the irresponsible behavior of a few. Retirees should not sweat in darkness. Low power-using businesses should not suffer because of energy hogs.

Having thought about this a lot, there are other variables that need to be considered. So SquareD, Siemens, and Murray, the first with $100,000 delivered to Timism/PBDC gets a consultant as well as 1% of equity in timism when it converts. If all three show up on the same day, a consortium of all three will get the rights and royalties. As noted in Million Lifehour Bonus , the company or companies share a million lifehour bonus. The $100,000 loan (or 2 x $50k or 3 x $33.3K) is repaid from Timism/PBDC cash flow. Oh, must recruit 1000 accounts. Ten percent finders fee applies.

Commentary/Historical Observation:

The approach to self-responsibility rather than a rule of the jungle is an example of the original spirit and reason for democracy in Ancient Greece. Democracy does not mean "people rule." The "demos" is akin to "demolish" or "divide." The "cracy" as "rule" is downstream a more pertinent imperative, "to work." Democracy's origin evolved from an awareness to legalize the division of work so that not only were people required to work but secure in owning the sweat of their brow.

California's deregulatory nightmare is an example of anti-democratic demagoguery with snake oil salesmen promising something for nothing as long as they get their pay before people wake up. California and America suffer from too much despotism and not enough democracy. In a very small, but crucial way, variable amperage breakers are creating daily democracy by requiring self-responsibility with the community. No one has a right to destroy the right of the community to survive. Yet, that is what happens when people use a full-load washer to clean Johnny's favorite t-shirt. With variable breakers, power companies don't have to punish the good along with the bad users. Rather, the bad users just punish themselves as they kick themselves off of the grid.

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