April 6, 2001

To whom it may concern:

I have a news story that will should be one of the top ten, most controversial for the year. It is timely and topical. Before sharing it, I must share my qualifications. If I am not creditable in your eyes then you won't take my findings seriously. I want neither to waste your time nor my time.

Attached is my resume. Primary qualifications are highlighted. On a CDrom which I can present you are not only my resume with substantiating links but the news story with numerous documentation.

It will take only five to seven minutes to provide a computer generated graphic summary of my news story.

My request is that three people be present. One who reports to the news director, one to the weather department and one of your choosing.


Robert Brown-Barnett

This letter is on the root directory of the CDrom:

This link leads to the story.

Graphic Teaser

The CD contains only the first half of the story. The second half will be available if you are interested.

newsroom@kfbb.com Charlie Heit

weather@kpax.com Dave Warren

weather@kpax.com David Fraser

weather@kpax.com Will Leverenz

nick@krtv.com Nick Miller

fred@krtv.com Fred Pfeiffer

jacque@krtv.com Fred Pfeiffer

weather@kxlf.com Mike Heard

kulrnews@wtp.net Jeremy Rindahl

kulrnews@wtp.net Grant Olson

stormteam@nbcmontana.com Mark Heyka

stormteam@nbcmontana.com John Keyes

stormteam@nbcmontana.com Doug Moats

weather@kare11.com BELINDA JENSEN

weather@kare11.com Jonathan Yuhas

weather@kare11.com Ken Barlow

sscaman@kmsp.com Sam Scaman

mtsolinas@kmsp.com Mike Tsolinas

jpeterson@kmsp.com Janie Peterson

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