See Youtube/Brainbees of vid submitted in 2001 to WCCO

April 9, 2001

Jan McDaniel
General Manager
Minneapolis, MN

Dear Ms. McDaniel

On Friday, April 5, 2001, I dropped off a letter requesting a five-minute interview to share an important news story. The letter was accepted by a Tammy Lynn(?) at 3pm. I have not been called or emailed. I took more than five minutes to compose and deliver the letter. The investigaiton behind it was not in minutes, days or weeks.

Because my investigation story requires immediate attention, I will sit in your reception area until someone can give me five minutes to share what should be a award winning story.

I hope I don't have to escalate this request to a protest in which I print and distribute flyers outlining your failure to respond to community members. I will file a formal protest with the FCC that will require more than five minutes of your attorneys' time. Your and you will spend more than five minutes explaining and defending WCCO's actions and license. Quite simply, I'd like to know why Ms. Tammy Lynn did not give my letter and resume to the news staff. I know I have been discriminated against before because of my speech impediment and I am willing to bet that Ms. Lynn discounted me as a person because of this handicap.


Robert Brown-Barnett