1980's Attempt To Share

This Oil Drought Connection was originally written in the early 1980's--citing the Dustbowl and African droughts--and delivered to the science writer (Beverly O'dorf.) of the Richmond Times-Dispatch through a mutual friend (RTW)--original script formatted copy. If the proposals for media democracy of letters and OpEd writings had been in effect then, the world would not be in what is probably the end run of humanity. Sincerely, based on direct and indirect timistic considerations which the most pessimistic global warming alarmists are not considering, if fifty percent or more of humanity is not dead in two decades, it will surprise this writer. A Venus atmosphere is coming bringing an environmental meltdown. One need not go to Venus to see the agricultural, economic, social and political chaos from oil droughts. Go to East Africa. Or, go to China.

The advent of the multi-state chains of one-newspaper towns has stifled free speech for the fee speech of advertising dollar dictatorship. With less real free speech, the freedom from problems become less. Freedom of speech is not about eggheads making never-eaten wonking omelettes. Freedom of speech exists when problem-solvers have fair, free and level forums to speak out. Then the larger problems and solutions are shared to free humanity from the problems. Our accelerating environmental and existential meltdown is an unwanted monument to the the habitual politicians who allowed the decline of daily democracy in the media. The Res Pubes Tombs Disgrace must bear some of the responsibility. But the bulk of blame rests with the habitual politicians and their backers, the money dictators, who, take together can be called petrophiliacs.

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