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Japan Russia Oil Deal*

BUSINESS/FINANCIAL DESK October 3, 2002, Thursday

Japan Looks to Eastern Russia for Oil

By JAMES BROOKE (NYT) 1502 words

Late Edition - Final, Section W, Page 1, Column 4

ABSTRACT - Japan is looking to Russian Far East for oil, ensuring that Sakhalin Island will become major supplier of oil and gas to Japan within decade; $13 billion is starting to pour into two gas and oil projects on Sakhalin Island; Sakhalin Energy Investment Co in 2003 is to start work on 560-mile pipeline down island to feed gas from offshore operation to what is to be largest liquefied natural gas plant in world; tankers are to start supplying, in late 2006, dozen gas terminals around Japan; group led by Exxon Mobil is developing Sakhalin offshore section, with goal of producing oil in about three years; project's target of 250,000 barrels per day is equivalent of 6 percent of Japan's daily oil imports; Exxon Mobil plans to start building gas pipeline in Japan in 2006, potentially 1,000-mile, $16 billion undertaking; photo (M)

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