Space Shuttle Shots of Iraq War Oil Wells Burning and Downwind Plumes

Vulcanic Plumes

The following graphics show how gas plumes follow the existing wind patterns. Note how the plumes stay distinct and intact for great distances. As volcanic ash is not felt everywhere, just downwind, so it is with oil field plumes of CO2. Like volcanic gases that eventually circle the globe and creep to other latitudes, so it is with CO2 from oil fields.

The smoke plumes from the Iraqi destruction of Kuwaiti oil fields during the Gulf War provided a more direct example of how CO2 plumes stay intact. A research finding showed that plume had not widened to more than sixty kilometers after it crossed and exited the Arabian peninula (1300km/800miles) and stayed in a relatively low atmospheric position of .5 > 4 kilometers (.3 > 2.4 miles).

Space Photos

Mt. Etna Penatuba Nicaragua

Russia: Note how plume distinct for great distances. Mt St. Helens over Northwest bent by Alberta Clipper General Nature

Mt. St. Helen Eruption

A bet: I bet the volume of gases belched by this holy volcano
was less on a daily basis than oil fields.

Colorado Fire plumes, 2002

Smoke from Alaska's fires (2004)
recorded by NASA over the
Gulf of Mexico (Texas, Lousiana, Mississippi)

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