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1 ------ htm
(see webpage) 12 Killed in Arkansas Flash Floods -
2 010225 htm ABCNews Mozambique Flood Baby
  1. Mozambique's most famous flood victim, Rosita Chibure who made headlines worldwide last year after being born on a tree
3 010609 htm CNN Houston Flooding
  1. Up to 28 inches of rain have fallen in some parts of Houston since Tuesday, when Tropical Storm Allison came ashore
4 010708 htm StarTrib Flash Floods W V A
  1. "This is totally a different flood from what we saw six months or six weeks ago," Wise said. "The last one was serious. On a Richter scale the last was 1 and this is 8 or 9.
5 010709 htm AssocPrs Floods W Va Record
  1. ``I've seen a lot of floods around here, but I've never seen anything like this,'' said Gary Edwards, who grew up in Mullens, in Wyoming County. ``This is a disaster.''
  2. Repeated storms from May 15 through June 11 caused millions of dollars in damage. Sixteen West Virginia counties are eligible for some type of federal disaster assistance from that flood including most of those flooded again Sunday.
  3. A thunderstorm Sunday morning dumped nearly 8 inches of rain in Mullens, 55 miles south of Charleston, said meteorologist Tom Mazza. ``The rainfall came in at 2 inches an hour. The air mass was extremely moist and that supported heavy rainfall rates,'' he said.
  4. The Guyandotte River was at 18 feet — 5 feet above flood stage and above the 1977 record of 17.76 feet, meteorologist John Sikora said. The Tug Fork was at 17.5 feet in southern West Virginia, 7.5 feet over its banks and more than 4 feet above the previous high.
6 010723 htm WSJ Flash Floods Pakistan
  1. 24 inches of rain had fallen in Islamabad -- the heaviest downpour recorded in the capital in 100 years, weather officials said.
  2. The monsoon season in Pakistan started earlier this year after a prolonged dry spell. The meteorological department has forecast record rains this season.
7 010727 htm USAToday W V2nd Flood
  1. Thunderstorms that dumped as much as 1.50 inches of rain per hou
8 010729 htm CNN W V Flooded3rd Time
  1. The state has been hit by floods for the third time this month.
9 010801 htm CNN Freak Storms Indonesia
  1. Scores die in freak Indonesian storms
  2. Officials and environmentalists say deforestation by loggers and villagers needing firewood contribute to the disasters.
10 010802 htm CNN Chicago Flood
  1. The flash flooding, an uncommon event in Chicago, began early Thursday morning when heavy rain moved through the area. One downpour lasted more than an hour.
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11 010813 htm Washpost D C Floods
  1. Some locales reported nearly four inches of rain in a little more than an hour Saturday, with totals of as much as eight inches, though the official rainfall total -- recorded at National Airport -- was only .93 inches.
  2. "I've never seen a storm quite like this one that left so much water," said Barbara Pair, deputy director of the District's Emergency Management Agency.
  3. "We've had a few storms that have been of this nature. What makes this one different is how quickly the water came down,"
  4. Last week's four-day heat wave sent power consumption to record levels, and "operating at those maximum loads, the cables get hot," Pepco spokesman Bob Dobkin said last night. "When you get doused with torrential rain, it's a recipe for disaster.
12 010814 htm
WSJ Bank Floods Cash Japan
  1. The Bank of Japan voted Tuesday to ease its grip on credit further in a bid to put a lid on the nation's economic deterioration and help buoy falling stock prices.
13 010821 htm WSJ Chantal Slow Dry Front
  1. The leading edge of the storm carried little rain, but the U.S. National Hurricane Center said heavy rains, winds and a storm-swollen sea could follow.
14 010902 htm CNN Nigeria Floods Unprecedented
  1. The flash floods in Jigawa and Kano states, both in the arid northern belt of Nigeria on the lower fringes of the Sahara Desert, have been described by residents as unprecedented.
15 011020 htm CNN Argentina Floods
  1. "We don't have any record of such a flood in recent memory
  2. Officials said heavy rainfall has been reported 21 of the last 27 days. While the rains subsided on Friday, weather forecasters were predicting heavy rains to continue next week.
16 011023 htm CNN N Korea Flood
  1. thousands of villagers saw much of their harvested rice washed away when 400 millimeters of rain fell in a 12-hour period earlier this month inundating paddy fields.
17 011111 htm CNN Algerian Floods
  1. The sudden inundation followed several weeks of pronounced dryness in the region. After a 24-hour downpour, the rain had largely stopped by Saturday afternoon.
18 011130 htm CNN Floods Months Argentine
  1. months of unusually heavy rains have flooded millions of acres in the famed region
19 020128 htm
WSJ Soggy N W U S
  1. The 34 days of consecutive rainfall in Portland that ended Dec. 22 tied a record set in 1953.
20 020722 htm
USAToday Texa Floods
  1. The drought that has parched the state since 1998 is finally over for portions of central Texas
  2. Other parts of Texas would have loved some of that rain. Brownsville, at the southern tip of the state, is 39 inches below its normal rainfall since 1998. Midland-Odessa has a 30-inch deficit; Corpus Christi is 14 inches behind
## YYMMDD ext Source Title and Notes (if any) *Title from filename
21 020809 htm NYT Floods Europe
  1. Floods Sweep Through Europe
22 020816 htm CNN Huge Cost Floods Czech
  1. Floods across the Czech republic will cause billions of dollars of damage to the country's historic monuments and devastate tourism
23 020901 htm AssocPrs Central Europe Flooding Renew Rock M T
  1. Areas of Germany hit hard by last month's flooding were back under water Sunday after rainstorms deluged the east of the country and parts of Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Poland.
24 020914 htm RockyMtsNus Flooding shuts down I-25
  1. A potent afternoon storm moved quickly across parts of Denver, turning Interstate 25 into a six-lane river on the second consecutive day the skies erupted.
25 020915 jpg RockyMtNews Flooded Cars020915 Rocky Mt News
26 041101 htm
USAtoday West Virginia worried about flood warning system
  1. In September Rezek told lawmakers that as many as 40% of 280 gauges around the state fail to work properly. Since then, state officials, who are responsible for maintenance, have been able to restore about 10% of the gauges by cutting brush, removing pine needles and debris from funnels and changing batteries and solar panels, but 30% still don't work.
27 060822 htm
USAToday More rain on the way in flooded Alask
  1. High water that closed the main corridor between the state's two largest cities dropped steadily Sunday, though weary emergency officials kept a close watch on forecasts calling for more rain
28 060823 htm
USAToday Rains Return To Deluge Alaska Valley
  1. A respite from rain was short-lived as showers returned on Tuesday to the heavily flooded Matanuska-Susitna Borough.
29 070418 htm
USAToday N E Suffers Record Rain Fall
  1. Soaked and battered from a severe spring storm that delivered heavy rain, snow and winds, residents across the Northeast faced rising floodwaters Monday that forced hundreds from their homes. Tens of thousands of others were left without power.
  2. "This is one of the biggest storms we've ever experienced,"
30 070424 htm
USAToday New England Faces Flood And Fires
  1. Portions of northern New England faced a renewed threat of spring flooding Tuesday, even as the fire danger remained high
  2. Warnings of fire danger continued into Tuesday amid warm, dry weather, brisk winds and low humidity.
## YYMMDD ext Source Title and Notes (if any) *Title from filename
31 070424 htm
USAToday N Jfaces Cleanup After Deadly Nor Eastern
  1. As floodwaters from a brutal nor'easter slowly receded in parts of New Jersey
32 070526 htm
USAToday Panhandle Texas Flood
  1. Additional rain was not expected, but runoff from previous storms could continue to produce high water levels.
33 070527 htm
USAToday Havoc From Floods Of Spain
  1. described the weather as "a rosary of storms."
34 070529 htm IndpndntUK Coldand Wet Must Be A Bank Holiday London
  1. But what is unusual is the heavy rain affecting England and Wales and the low temperatures."
35 070626 htm
USAToday Kill3 Record Floods England
  1. "We have seen the most intense rain since records began,"
36 070703 htm USAToday Pakistan Floods Leave1 Million Homeless
  1. Pakistan called on the international community to rush aid to some 1 million people left homeless by massive floodin
37 070706 htm
USAToday 1000 Homes Destroyed By Floods In Texas
  1. Floodwaters across the state have severely damaged or destroyed 1,000 homes, and that number is likely to rise
  2. "Unprecedented," Colley said at a news conference. "Mostly this time of year we're fighting wildfires ... The problem with this is, the water won't go away."
38 070901 htm
USAToday More Severe Storms N A S A Global Warming
  1. As the world warms, the USA will face more severe thunderstorms with deadly lightning, damaging hail and the potential for tornadoes, a trailblazing study by NASA scientists suggests.
  2. On a normal sunny day, updrafts are less than 1 mile per hour. In a big, non-severe rainstorm, it's about 2 mph. In a severe storm they could be 20 to 30 mph. The faster that updraft, the worse the storms.
  3. It predicts lightning will increase about 6% as the amount of carbon dioxide — the chief global warming gas — doubles.
39 070911 htm
USAToday Oklahoma City Record Rain Fall
  1. Heavy rainfall pounded south Oklahoma City early Monday, causing flash flooding and shattering an 82-year-old daily rainfall record in less than one hour.
40 070920 htm
USAToday Deadly Floods Batter Africa
  1. Indeed, Ugandans haven't seen floodwaters like this in more than 35 years
  2. floods have washed out roads and crops during a potentially lucrative harvest season.
  3. Other affected countries include Somalia, which is struggling to quell an insurgency and to recover from a seemingly endless cycle of drought and flood
## YYMMDD ext Source Title and Notes (if any) *Title from filename
41 080622 htm
USAToday Three Weeks That Changed The Midwest
  1. experienced one of their wettest springs in 114 years.
  2. After record and near-record snows hit Iowa over the winter, the Hawkeye State was the bull's-eye for June rainfall.
42 080623 htm
WashPost After the Deluge, the World in a Grain of Sand
  1. Dismantling Flood Walls Poses a Weighty Problem
43 080708 htm
USAToday Univ Iowa250million In Flood Damage
  1. The damage was caused by the Iowa River, one of several rivers that topped their banks in the state during record flooding in June
44 091110 htm
USAToday October was wettest on record in USA
  1. The nationwide precipitation of 4.15 inches was nearly double the long-term average of 2.11 inches
  2. In addition to the damp, October was also extremely cool, measuring the third-coldest since records began in 1895. The average national temperature of 50.8 degrees was 4 degrees below average. Only the Octobers of 1976 and 1925 were cooler.
45 091125 htm
USAToday Rare, heavy rains soak pilgrims at Islam's hajj
  1. This year has brought the added worry that the massing of more than 3 million people from around the world could bring a swine flu outbreak.
46 100406 htm
WashPost Rain resumes in Rio and officials fear more deaths

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