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1 031205 htm USAToday December Hurricane
  1. The season's over, but tropical storm didn't get memo
  2. The surprise appearance Thursday of Tropical Storm Odette — the first December storm ever recorded in the Caribbean
2 040326 htm USAToday First Ever So Atlantic Hurricane
  1. The first hurricane ever known to have formed over the South Atlantic Ocean could threaten the coast of Brazil by early next week.
  2. While the tropical part of the South Atlantic Ocean has large areas with the 80-degree or warmer ocean temperatures needed to sustain hurricanes, upper atmosphere winds are usually blowing much faster than winds near the surface or in the opposite direction. Such "wind shear" can rip apart storms before they grow into hurricanes.
3 050519 htm
USAToday Hurricane Record Early Pacific
  1. only one tropical depression has ever hit the coasts of Guatemala or El Salvador in May and none have done it so ea
4 070510 htm
USAToday Atlantics1st Named Storm Forms Early
  1. more than three weeks before the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season
  2. The earliest hurricane to strike the USA was Alma in northwest Florida on June 9, 1966.
5 070620 htm
USAToday U Kforcasters Calm Hurricane Season
  1. It is most likely that 10 more tropical storms will form from July to November, the British forecaster
6 070724 htm
USAToday Little Hurry In Hurricane Prep[ Disasters]
  1. Nearly one-third of residents in U.S. coastal areas vulnerable to hurricanes say they won't obey orders to evacuate if a major storm threatens
7 070804 htm
USAToday 07 Hurrican Forecast Lowered
  1. "We've lowered our forecast from our May predictions because of slightly less favorable conditions in the tropical Atlantic,"
8 071009 htm
USAToday Two More Hurricanes Predicted
  1. Hurricane expert William Gray slightly downgraded his forecast for October and November on Tuesday, calling for four named storms, including two hurricanes, one of them major.
  2. In 2006, Gray's team forecast nine hurricanes, five of them major. Instead, there were just five hurricanes, two of them major.

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