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Glacie 071111 H Glaciers: Long Goodbye
Magnet H Half Past Human: SkinIn: History
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filename L Title (References AnnotationNo Orphans)
2007-0 G 2007-0822_oldice080627NYT.gif
Analys H Analysis Finds Large Antarctic Area Has Melted 070516NYT
Arctic H Arctic Map Vanishes, and Oil Area Expands 051021NYT
ArticI J ArticIceCracks080531BBC.jpg
ArticI H Artic Is Screaming 071212CNN
ArticS H Arctic sea ice melting three times faster than projected 070501USAToday
ArticW H Artic Water Particles Cloud Changes* 061127USAToday
AttheP H At the Poles, Melting Occurring at Alarming Rate 071022WashPost
Escala H Escalating Ice Loss Found in Antarctica 080113WashPost
Extent J ExtentOfIcedotearth_graphic533-080627NTY.jpg
HowOft H How Often Does It Rain At The North Pole 080104USAToday
IceAtR H Arctic sea ice cover at record low 071011CNN
IceBou H Ice Bound Greenland Heats U P 070622USAToday
IceShe H Ice Sheet Antarctic Melt Speeds Up 080123NASA
IceUpd H Ice Update and Unfiltered U.S. Climate Report - Dot Earth Blog - 080717NYT
LessRe H Arctic Ocean Ice Retreats Less Than Last Year - 080917NYT
ManyAr H Many Arctic Plants Have Adjusted to Big Climate Changes, Study Finds 070616NYT
Meltdo H Melt Down of Polar Ice 010117SpaceCom
MeltUn H Climate Change - Sea Ice - Arctic - New York Times 071002NYT
Perenn H Perennial Arctic Ice Cover Diminishing, Officials Say 080319WashPost
Perenn G PerennialArcticIceDiminishes080319WashPost.gif
PolarI H Polar Ice Cap Thinning 010603WashPost
RapidA H New Data Show Rapid Arctic Ice Decline 090406WashPost
SeaIce H Sea Ice Builds But Remains Vulnerable 080318USAToday
Severe H Scientists Report Severe Retreat of Arctic Ice - New York Times 070922NYT
ShelfB H Ice Shelf Break Up Antartica500 M B* 020320StarTrib
Simply H Analysts See ‘Simply Incredible’ Shrinking of Floating Ice in the Arctic - New York Times 070811NYT
Temper H Temperatures Record High 081021USAToday
Thousa H Thousands Of Walruses Abandon Ice 071009USAToday
Thunde H Thunder Ice Melting Greenland* 070606CNN
Vastcr H BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Vast cracks appear in Arctic ice 080523BBC
VastEx H Vast Expances Of Artic Ice Melt In Summer Heat 090809USAToday
Warmes H Warmest Arctic Temperatures For2000 Years 090903CNN
WarmIc H Warm Ice Festival St Paul* 020122PioneerP
Warmin H Warming Is Blamed for Antarctica's Weight Gain 050520NYT
WhatsR H What’s Really Up With North Pole Sea Ice? - Dot Earth Blog - 080627NYT
Worlds H World's largest ice sheet melting faster than expected | Environment | 091122Guardian
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Cracke J CrackedLeatherPassengerSeat.jpg
cracki J crackingExampleMarine.jpg
dryIce J dryIceFog.jpg
uss-sk J uss-skate-open-water.jpg
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