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1 060715 htm WashPost Pumped Up on Carbon Dioxide, Vines Strengthen Their Grip
  1. Vines -- poison ivy, Japanese honeysuckle, kudzu -- snake through the back yard, girdling trees and strangling shrubs, thriving, scientists say, on the same pollution they blame for global warming.
  2. From backyard gardens to the Amazon rain forest, vines are growing faster, stronger and, in the case of poison ivy, more poisonous on the heavy doses of carbon dioxide that come from burning such fossil fuels as gasoline and coal.
  3. But the vines also hint at a tantalizing solution to global warming: Perhaps scientists can engineer a plant that would absorb extraordinary amounts of carbon dioxide
2 060926 htm NYT Emblem of the West Is Dying, and No One Can Figure Out Why - New York Times
  1. The aspen, an emblematic tree of the West and the most widely distributed tree in North America, is rapidly and mysteriously dying.
3 061023 htm USAToday U S As Trees Under Attack
  1. from ash and aspen to white pine and Hawaii's native wiliwili, are under attack by insects and diseases in a growing assault coast to coast.
  2. Others are homegrown insects at epidemic levels because of drought and unusual warmth
  3. Trees were weakened by drought or subjected to worse infestations because warmer temperatures allowed the bugs to multiply faster
  4. "we see (aspen) dying in wet areas, too, so I'm not convinced it's drought alone."
4 070115 htm
USAToday Warming Trend Visiblein Trees
  1. Rising temperatures are allowing Southern trees to thrive farther north and stressing trees used to colder weather,
5 071115 htm
NASA Forest Damage From Katrina CO2release
  1. Hurricane Katrina killed or severely damaged 320 million large trees in Gulf Coast forests, which weakened the role the forests play in storing carbon from the atmosphere
6 071208 htm
WashPost Preserving Tropical Forests Is Key Issue at Talks on Global Warming
  1. Each year, tropical forests covering an area at least equal to the size of state are destroyed; the carbon dioxide that those trees would have absorbed amounts to 20 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, about the same as total U.S. emissions.
7 080202 htm USAToday World Loses Trees At Alarming Rate
  1. From Brazil to central Africa to once-lush islands in Asia's archipelagos, human encroachment is shrinking the world's rain forests.
  2. U.N. specialists estimate 60 acres of tropical forest are felled worldwide every minute
  3. Global warming is expected to dry up and kill off vast tracts of rain forest, and dying forests will feed global warming.
  4. Forest destruction accounts for about 20% of manmade emissions, second only to burning of fossil fuels for electricity and heat
  5. "Deforestation continues at an alarming rate of about 13 million hectares (32 million acres) a year,"
  6. Because northern forests remain essentially stable, that means 50,000 square miles of tropical forest are being cleared every 12 months — equivalent to one Mississippi or more than half a Britain.
  7. Nigeria's
  8. Environmentalists say such a conservation approach may work for rural, agrarian people in Nigeria, which lost an estimated 15 million acres between 1990 and 2005, or about one-third of its entire forest area, and has one of the world's highest deforestation rates — more than 3% per year.
  9. That's the goal of the post-Bali talks, looking for ways to integrate forest preservation into the world's emerging "carbon trading" system. A government earning carbon credits for "avoided deforestation" could then sell them to a European power plant, for example, to meet its emission-reduction quota.
8 080203 htm USAToday Puzzle Over Amazon Impact On Warming World
  1. Scientists can now say with certainty that the Amazon is neither the lungs of the Earth, nor the planet's air conditioner. Paradoxically, the forest's cooling vapors also trap heat, by reflecting it back toward Earth in much the same way greenhouse gases do.
  2. If preserving the 80% of the Amazon still standing would help offset some greenhouse emissions, destroying it would almost certainly accelerate global warming, by releasing perhaps 100 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere — equal to some 10 years' worth of total global emissions.
  3. Deforestation — both the burning and rotting of wood in the Amazon — already releases an estimated 400 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, accounting for up to 80% of Brazil's greenhouse gases, boosting this country to sixth place or higher among emitter nations.
  4. By contrast, each acre of rain forest that remains intact takes somewhere between 80 and 480 pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere each year through the process of photosynthesis.
  5. Scientists estimate it would cost about $1 billion a year in lost income for Brazil to end the clearing of forest by loggers, ranchers and farmers, largely giant soybean-growing conglomerates

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