September 6, 2000 (letters\VenturaNewWords\2k0906.htm)

A New word for Jesse:

Re: You need a few more words for your next book, tour and speech

Dear Governor Ventura:

Why do you keep calling 'em "professional" or "career" politicians? Tsk, tsk, a semantic abuse of those two words. Please start using a more descriptive term that captures the chronic harm of suits obsessed with re-election. The word? Habitual Politicians. They habitually offend common sense with compromises devoid of common promises for the common good.

So, what do you call the son of a habitual politician who becomes a habitual politician? A hereditary politician. And, what do you call too many hereditary politicians? A Revolutionary War.

An intelligent wordsmith like you should know the Latin origin of the word "republican"-res pubes, wealthy pubers. In Rome after the Kings and before the Emperors, the ruling Senate was limited to land owners (res/real estate) who were old enough to be alone outside of the home. What determined old enough? Pubes and puberty. And, what was a gathering of pubers called? The public. Government of res pubers was called a republic.

Given the Latin origin of "republican" and how the U.S. Republican Party is the money party, can you think of a better name for a Republican Presidential candidate than Bush?

Financially, what's the difference between a Democrat and a Republican habitual politician? One's a thieving robber, the other's a robbing thief. (Sexually, what's the difference based on BJ Clinton and Hank Hyde? One will seduce your daughter, the other will seduce your wife.)

As is, the Y2K Presidential contest is going to be one of hereditary politicians, a couple of sons of habituals ... has a nice familiar ring? Didn't we fight a Revolutionary War to replace hereditary politicians with new faces and new ideas? As is, the Y2K money-dictatorship contest will be an S&M love fest: Bush and Gore.

So, on a more serious note: If I pick up from the media your apologizing for having misused the words professional and career when what you should have used was habitual I will forward the last two steps which you need in your independent goals of a safer, saner world.

  • Describe problems-you complain quite nicely and correctly
  • Prescribe solutions-you have done well here for an individual
  • Develop problem-solving systems-weak here, too often have to rely on self and promises.
  • Motivate people: Appeal to abstract altruism is not concrete.

Either before or after I launch my website, you will learn and use the steps 3 and 4 that I have developed. If you have not or I have missed your "habitual politician" public clarification, you will know me by the impending media coverage of:

  • Snowflake problem-solving
  • Lifehours/Timism

It's useless to approach you without interest on your part. I hope my humor and summary peaks your interest so you can benefit from these internet tools before the habitual politicians corrupt them.

An anonymous independent, free-thinker.